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Why Virtual Parties Are Less Hassle Than Live Parties! | Virtual Birthday Party

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Non-Stop Kids Entertainment has always strived to make your experience a hassle free one when it comes to your child's birthday party. Our entertainers take care of all the party entertainment and all you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out.

Simplifying the Comparison: Virtual Parties vs. Live Parties | Streamlined Virtual Birthday Celebration

Our virtual parties are no different. What if we told you a virtual birthday party is even less hassle than a normal party? Sounds crazy, but very much true! This fantastic package introduces unique concepts that you could never find at a live party. Let's check them out!

You don’t Need Additional Party Accessories!

When it comes to running a normal party, there are a lot of accessories involved. You have balloons, decorations, invitations, food & drinks and much more. Even If you prepare these accessories well in advance, there is still the matter of going out to organise them all and then getting everything set up on the day of the party. When it comes to a virtual party, most of that won't be necessary.

Of course you will have a birthday cake for your child and decorate your own home to brighten up their day but that's about it. All of their friends will be participating online from the comfort of their home. Therefore you won't need to send out hand-written invitations, get a buffet ready and more! All you need to do is set up the call and invite your child's friends via a link.

No Extra Planning!

There are a lot of planning steps to take into account when preparing a party. You want to decide where the party is going to take place, what time slot you want to decide, how you will send out the invitations and how other parents are going to attend. If you are hosting a virtual party then none of that will be necessary!

You will be hosting the party from the comfort of your home and reduce the need for a venue. Once everything is set up you can simply tell the other parents the time of the party in advance and then send them a link on the day. The parents won't have to leave their house either and worry about making it on time. Everyone's a winner!

You Can Do Invitations Virtually!

We've mentioned earlier that while it wouldn't be necessary to hand out written invitations, how amazing and special would it feel to use virtual invitations instead? Virtual invitations are an amazing concept for your child's birthday. They are custom animated invitations that can be sent out online from your personal computer. As with common invitations, that includes your birthday child's name, date & time of the party and the theme!

You can have any additional theme attached to your party. If your child is a massive Star Wars fan, why not make it space themed? We recently published a vlog that talked out custom virtual invitations. All thanks to our amazing friends over at Mini Epic. All you would need to do is pick a theme with our Deluxe Virtual Party and we'll take care of all the animation for you!

No Hassle For You!

Non-Stop Kids goal has always been to make your child's birthday experience amazing for them and hassle free for you. Virtual parties are no different. In fact, they are less hassle for you. Even if you planned everything perfectly in advance for a normal party, chances are you would be serving drinks to other parents and tidying up mess afterwards. Not with a virtual birthday party! Everything is done online. No mess to tidy up afterwards, no having to worry about accommodating other parents' needs and much more. You can sit back and relax with a cuppa of tea!

They’re Cheaper!

The best part about it all is it's cheaper! Because you don't need to save up and worry about all the other additional costs mentioned before, you save quite a bit of money. We've offered tons of advice in the past with our previous blogs on how to run parties with a limited budget because we know there are a lot of parents out there trying to spend as little as possible. Without a venue, giant buffet and all the other accessories you will be saving a lot of money that could be used for a more positive concept. Maybe you wanted to buy your child a toy they wanted but couldn't afford it in the past. Now's your chance!


And there you have it! Virtual parties are far less hassle compared to a normal party like you wouldn't believe! Non-Stop Kids Virtual Party Packages have been a massive success since its introduction. Parents from across the country loved the concept and we want everyone to experience why they are amazing. If you would like to talk to us about booking a Virtual Party, visit our website through the banner below! You can submit a no obligation form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Or give us a call at 0333 301 3002! We look forward to hearing from you!

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