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How Virtual Parties Have Saved Children's Birthdays! | Kid's Entertainment

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

When lockdown was first introduced, we spoke to hundreds of parents who were worried about their children's birthday parties getting cancelled. We didn't want children to miss their birthday parties and that's why we introduced our Virtual Party Package. This amazing concept was developed from scratch to perform our award winning shows online. The kids got to celebrate their birthday with all of their family & friends in attendance and everyone has a fantastic experience.

Rescuing Children's Birthdays: The Impact of Virtual Parties! | Children's Entertainment Insights

We've performed thousands of virtual parties and the most common phrase we hear in our reviews is, "I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was!" Virtual parties are amazing, just as interactive as live parties if not more and now we are even introducing Virtual Halloween & Virtual Christmas party concepts for the upcoming holidays. There is no doubt in our minds that virtual parties have benefited everyone!

Why Are Virtual Parties So Popular?

Great question! You may have heard of the concept and assumed it wouldn't be as fun as a live party, but you wouldn't believe how many advantages they have over a normal party. Did you know you get your very own videographer? We have performed over 8,000 parties and it is quite common that we see the parents have hired someone to capture their children's birthday on camera. With a virtual party you get your own videographer for free to record your whole party. After the party is over we provide parents with a link to download their virtual party to download forever. You can send this recording to other parents and it gives your child something exciting to look back on during the 18th birthday.

Like one of our live parties, we take care of the whole party from both an entertainment and technical perspective. On the day of your birthday your entertainer will set everything up 30 minutes in advance and provide you with a link to share with your other parents. You can have up to 100 guests in attendance! Our entertainer can see and interact with every child as we kick off the show with our award winning magic show, followed with high energy party games and action dance competitions! We provide non-stop interaction with all the kids and the birthday child will be made to feel very special. Whether it's 30 - 90 minutes you are guaranteed a fantastic party experience.

We have also taken this opportunity to introduce new concepts you wouldn't find with our other packages. Firstly, we can bring you virtual invitations. Everyone has used the traditional RSVP invitations while planning a live party in the past. Invitations are a big part of planning a children's party and if you are going to host a virtual party, why not go the extra mile with virtual invitations? Non-Stop Kids teamed up with our awesome friends over at Mini-Epic to bring you virtual invitations. You provide us with the details of your party and we will use them to create animated invitations tailored to a specific theme. Want a pirate party for your children's party? We'll make it a pirate themed invitation. So many unique concepts we can use to make your virtual party extra special.

And let's not forget our virtual party bags. With our traditional parties we would always get the birthday child to come to the front and help the entertainer with a special magic trick. At the end of our virtual parties we provide all the kids with a virtual party bag. This includes a custom video from our entertainer, thanking everyone for attending and then awarding the kids with a 15 minute special performance. The kids will be taught how to perform an easy magic trick and go home with having learned something new. Magic has so many benefits to a child's development stages you would have never guessed. It helps improve their dexterity and strengthen their creativity as well.

We Bring The Fun To You!

There aren't enough words to describe how amazing virtual parties are. With Halloween and Christmas approaching fast, we are taking so many enquiries on a day to day basis who are eager to secure their spot as soon as possible. They truly are amazing and guarantee a full hassle free experience for your children's birthday party. Non-Stop Kids are here to help you however we can. We're more than happy to speak with you about providing a kid's virtual party and will guide you through every step. For a no obligation quote, send in a contact form through the banner below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Or if you are excited as we are to get going, call us now on 0333 301 3002. Have a fantastic day and we'll see you soon!

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