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A Virtual Party Experience With Non-Stop Kids | Virtual Birthday Party

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

When the first lockdown happened back in March 2020 we knew there would be lots of parents worried about having to cancel their children's birthday party. We didn't want this to happen either and that's why we introduced our Virtual Party Package. This fantastic concept was developed from scratch to make sure your kids didn't have to miss their birthday party. The thrill of our hassle free party is brought right to your doorstep.

Embark on a Virtual Party Journey with Non-Stop Kids | Online Birthday Celebration

Parents of children we have provided virtual entertainment for have had nothing but excellent feedback for our virtual parties, praising the concept and happy for their children to celebrate their birthday still. Even after our Garden Party Package has made it's returned we still have parents enquiring about a virtual birthday party instead. We are going to break down what a virtual experience is like with Non-Stop Kids in today's blog!

Amazing Memories For Your Children!

Our goal at Non-Stop Kids is to make sure your child and their friends have a fantastic party while you, the parents, don't experience any hassle. Virtual parties are no different in that regard. Throughout the whole party our entertainers provide non-stop engagement with all of the children. We kick off the show with our award winning magic show, following with high energy party games and dance competitions. The entertainer can see and interact with everyone participating and deliver a full interactive birthday experience. 

Speaking of memories, how would you like us to record your whole experience? As part of our Deluxe Package we can record the whole experience from the beginning to the end. Once the party is over our entertainers send a link for you to download the party. You and your child now have amazing memories to look back at one day and you can share it to other parents to show them how amazing your virtual party experience was! Nothing is greater than to see a happy smile on your kid's face!

Our Entertainers Take Care Of Everything!

We promise a hassle free party experience when it comes to supply entertainment for your children's birthday. Our virtual packages are no different in that regard. Our entertainer sets up everything from a technical point of view in advance. All you need to do is send the invitation link to all of your guests. You can have up to 100 participants! Once the party starts our entertainers immediately get to the party started and maintain a full interactive experience right up until the end! The kids are captivated the whole way through, and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show! The entertainer will take care of everything else.

Far Less Hassle!

At our live parties we always guarantee a hassle free experience when it comes to entertainment. As a parent your role is to simply feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out. For our virtual parties it's even less hassle than before!  You don't need all the previous planning involved that you would need at a normal party such as booking the venue, sending out invitations, tidying up afterwards, etc.) Our entertainer takes care of anything throughout the whole duration. You can sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cuppa of tea!

You Can Throw In Any Theme!

If you've checked out our other party packages you will know we have a range of different themed parties. We provide over 10 different virtual packages. Going that extra mile to add a theme will really make your child's virtual experience amazing. If your child really loves Jurassic Park, we can attach our Virtual Jurassic Themed Package with their very own Dinosaur Expert! Or if they are really big into superhero comic books, we'll happily attach our Virtual Superhero Themed Package. There are so many options available! If your child is into superheroes and their entertainer dresses like one, they’ll love it!

Fun Virtual Invitations!

We can even make your children's party fun before it even begins! With our Deluxe Package we teamed up with our awesome friends at Mini Epic to bring amazing virtual invitations to send out to all of your guests prior to the party! Each of these virtual party invitations have an amazing custom animated video to send out for your friends and family. We get the information for your kid's virtual birthday that includes your birthday child's name, date & time of the party and the theme! Like the party itself you can have any additional theme attached. If your child is an avid football fan, go with a soccer theme! Check out some of these virtual invitations below.

Virtual Parties Are Amazing!

Words are simply not enough to describe how amazing our virtual parties are! They are an amazing concept we built up to be a unique experience and to ensure kids didn't have to miss their birthday parties. We definitely recommend booking a virtual package with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. You can send in a contact form and we get back to you with a no obligation consultation & quote. Or you can give us a call at 0333 301 3002. Have an amazing day and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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