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The Reason Virtual Parties Are Amazing | Virtual Party Experience With Kieran

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

"Why are virtual parties amazing?" That's a question we get asked every single day. We originally developed this exciting package to bring the thrill of our entertainment right to your home. Everyone tunes in online through an invitation link we will provide you with. All you need to do from there is sit back and let your entertainer run the show.

Unlocking the Wonders of Virtual Parties | Immersive Virtual Party Adventure featuring Kieran

Garden parties are just over the horizon but until then we have the next best option. We have got the chance to speak with our entertainers about their experience performing virtual parties. In today's post, Kieran shares his virtual party experience.

The Perfect Flow!

"As an entertainer it's really allowed me to streamline my act. I have a set space that I can work with and this has allowed me to really up my game and improve my show. Having full control over the chat and audio allows me to keep the party flowing and moving at a good pace, while still allowing a great level of audience participation. Virtual parties are like having a tailored tv show that's interactive just for your children!"

And that's absolutely right. Not only does this allow our entertainers to keep doing what they do best, but we can help make sure your children don't have to miss their birthday. One of the biggest misconceptions of a virtual party is there can't be interaction because it's like watching a YouTube video. We're here to tell you there couldn't be more interaction. There is just as much interaction as a live party!

Secure Your Virtual Party!

Even as live parties are set to return soon, we will still be here to offer virtual birthday parties. Check out our various packages on our website. There's pirates, superheroes, magic and much more. When you're ready to book you can send us an enquiry form through the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


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