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Virtual Spy School Party | Virtual Parties With NSK

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

How would your kids like to become the best spy ever? Thanks to our amazing virtual parties we can teach your children some amazing secret techniques. If your child is big into iconic spy characters such as James Bond or Chase from the PAW Patrol then this is the perfect package for their birthday party!

Virtual Spy Academy Celebration | Unveil the Adventure with NSK's Virtual Parties

Non-Stop Kids are the virtual party experts when it comes to hosting your kid's entertainment online. We have performed over 4,000 virtual parties and we are super excited to celebrate Halloween & Christmas in the upcoming weeks. We provide non-stop interaction for all the kids and it's designed to work with all ages. The whole experience is exciting as well as high energy and fun.

30 Minute Package!

In this exciting session your entertainer will welcome everybody to spy training school and teach the kids how to be the best spies ever. This includes how to send secret coded messages, how to decipher these messages and how to use invisible ink as well! We kick off the party with high energy party games and action dances that are themed to being a spy. Our games are super fun and fit the theme of the party perfectly. By the end of the party we will get everyone to sing happy birthday and then they will leave the party with exciting spy techniques!

60 Minute Package!

When it comes to our 60 minute session we divide the party into three sections. In the first 20 minutes your entertainer performs a very interactive comedy magic show themed to spies. All of the tricks they use are designed to show the children their entertainer is secretly a spy! The kids will find the experience fascinating and will want to know how your entertainer performed these amazing techniques. This brings us to the second section of the party. For the next 20 minutes your entertainer will teach the kids the skills they need to become the best spy in the world. We will teach them how to decode secret messages, making their own invisible ink and much more. In the last 20 minutes we will play party games, action dances and dance competitions, all tailored to be spy themed. We conclude the party by getting everyone to sing happy birthday!

90 Minute Package!

If you thought the 60 minute session was exciting, wait until you see our 90 minute package. This is easily our most popular session with this package. We spend the first 45 minutes of the package performing our spy themed comedy magic show and followed by our spy school. The spy school is similar to our other sessions but now we teach other techniques that spies need to know. The kids will have a break for 10 minutes to drink and chat with their friends for a while. The show then moves onto party games and action dances all the way till the end of the party. The whole show is spy themed throughout and very interactive. At the very end we get everyone to sing happy birthday.

Become The Best Spy Ever!

This amazing party package is designed to work for all ages while providing non-stop interaction with the kids and high energy party games. We will take care of everything for you from both an entertainment and technical perspective. All you need to do is invite the other children to your party. Non-Stop Kids are the virtual party experts and we have never, not once, let anyone down. You are guaranteed a full hassle free experience while the birthday child will have fantastic memories to look back on. We can even record your whole party for you!

The virtual spy school party is the one party that your child will never, ever forget. Fill in a contact form and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or call us on 0333 301 3002. We will talk you through everything you need to know about virtual parties.

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