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Virtual Themed Party Ideas | Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Virtual Parties

Updated: Feb 23

Would you like a themed virtual party for your children's birthday party? Thanks to our amazing Virtual Party Package we can offer a range of themes to attach to your children's birthday party and make their special day extra special. Adding a theme to your kid's birthday really goes the extra mile to make their day amazing. Kids adore different activities and nothing would make them happier than to have their birthday party be tailored to a favourite theme.

Ideas for Virtual Themed Parties | Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Virtual Celebrations

If you have experienced a virtual party with Non-Stop Kids before, you will know how amazing they are and just as interactive as a live party. We have recently introduced our Virtual Christmas & Virtual Halloween Party Packages to prepare for the upcoming holidays, along with multiple different party packages.


Kids absolutely adore superhero comic books and movies. In the past few years superhero characters have easily shot up in popularity as Marvel and DC's success continues. A lot of kids will look up to an iconic superhero such as Batman, Spider-Man and many more. How great would it be to make your child's birthday party into a superhero one? As part of our virtual parties we can add our Superhero Themed Party without additional charge. Your virtual party will be hosted by your very own superhero, Captain Magic! All the kids can even dress up as their own superhero and create one of the best parties ever!


How great would it be to have a party hosted by your very own Captain Spare Rib? Pirates are a favourite amongst children's parties. Children love the idea of going on an exciting adventure to look for hidden treasure. Kids who are into iconic movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean will love this as a theme for their birthday party. It's another great opportunity to dress up and partake in one of the best birthday parties ever! We will play pirated theme party games, music, comedy magic show and much more!

Teddy Tastic!

Have you heard about our new Virtual Teddy Tastic Party? This is the perfect chance for all of the kids to attend and leave your child's party with a new special friend forever. Before your party begins we will send you everything that your children will need to create their very teddy bear. The kids get to choose their bear and we will send each child with individual bags of stuffing, felt hearts and birth certificates for their teddy bears! Our entertainers will play teddy themed party games, comedy magic shows and will show the kids how to assemble their bears. Every child will end up with their own teddy bear, along with a birth certificate too. It's an amazing party to celebrate your child's birthday and they will have a special friend to keep forever.


A lot of us grew up with the iconic movie Jurassic Park, along with other iconic dinosaur movies. Let's make your virtual party dinosaur themed one, hosted by your very own Dinosaur Explorer! Our Virtual Jurassic Themed Party welcomes all dinosaur fans and creates the perfect party atmosphere as soon as the virtual party begins. We play dinosaur themed party games, a comedy magic show and interact with every child non-stop throughout the whole party. It's an amazing option for kids who are fascinated with dinosaurs and want the full Jurassic Park experience!

Halloween & Christmas!

The upcoming holidays are soon approaching and we are getting dozens of enquiries for both our Virtual Halloween & Virtual Christmas Party Package. For parents who are worried about celebrating the upcoming holidays, this is the perfect solution to your worries. With these fantastic packages we create a fantastic experience that will be remembered for years. Our entertainer will run the whole show for you and provide non-stop interaction with all the kids. The parties start with an amazing interactive show followed by a magic show, puppets, slapstick and much more! We continue with high energy party games, followed with action dances & dance competitions! Whether it's Halloween or Christmas you will receive a full hassle free experience and have one of the best times ever.

Themed Virtual Parties Are Amazing!

When it comes to accommodating a theme for your virtual party, you have plenty of choices available. Speak to your child and ask them what type of theme they would like for their birthday party. We can happily attach any theme to our virtual parties. If your child is big into superheroes, go ahead and make it a Superhero Themed Party.  If your child loves pirates, we can use our Pirate Themed Party that is hosted by Captain Spare rib! So many options available! If your child is into superheroes and their entertainer dresses like one, they will love it!

If you have concerns that the other kids might not be into the same theme as your child, we suggest not to worry. It's your child's special day. All of our themes work for everybody. The other kids will still love to take part as our virtual parties are designed to bring everyone together and provide an amazing experience. It's down to you and your birthday child's decision. Even if it's a theme we don't have, we can accommodate another theme to you as well. We've performed over 8,000 parties and will have more than likely worked with it before.

Thanks for checking out today's blog. We would love to speak with you about providing a virtual party for your children's birthday party. If you send us a contact form we can get back to you with a no obligation quote. Or you can call us on 0333 301 3002. Have a fantastic day and we will speak to you soon!

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