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Unicorn Parties are HERE at Non Stop Kids Entertainment - Vlog

It is finally here! Yes, our Unicorn parties are ready to launch and we are so excited to show everyone this new & exciting package. Your children can now experience the wonderful and mysterious world of unicorns giving them an unforgettable & memorable party.

In this Vlog the Founder & Marketing Director of Non Stop Kids goes into depth about this new package and why we have decided to launch this sort of themed party. He also talks about how Non Stop Kids listen to what our customers are saying to see what types of parties you want to have for your kid(s)!.

By listening to our customers needs and a little bit of marketing on the side Craig came up with the Unicorn Themed Parties and noticed that no entertainment company seemed to be offering this. So we are basically telling you that Non Stop Kids is the only place you can find a great unicorn party ran by the biggest kids entertainment company in the U.K. who have won awards through the entertainment they provide.

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