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Five Reasons Why We Don’t Limit The Amount Of Children Who Attend Our Virtual Parties

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

As the largest children's entertainment we take full priority in making sure all the kids have the best birthday party ever while you, the parent, have a complete hassle free experience. We take care of all the entertainment while you sit back and enjoy the show. Virtual parties are no different. Our amazing entertainers are here to provide an amazing online birthday party experience during this lockdown era.

Embracing Inclusivity: Five Reasons Behind Our Decision Not to Limit the Number of Children Attending Our Virtual Parties

But one thing we are noticing lately is that a lot of parents are expressing surprise when we tell them we don't limit the amount of children at our parties. A lot of other companies out there only allow a certain amount of children to join a virtual party. Not us! We don't believe in limiting the amount of children that can join the party and this is why!

The More, The Merrier!

We always encourage parents to invite as many kids to their children's birthdays as they want. The more the merrier! With a virtual party you can invite up to 100 children in attendance. Everyone can see & interact with each other as well as the entertainer. It's nothing like looking at a static screen. It's super interactive.

Our Entertainers Are Very Experienced With Entertaining Kids!

Non-Stop Kids have over 100 entertainers to run your virtual party. Our entertainers are amazing with years of experience when it comes to entertaining. As well as kid's birthday parties we have also performed for children's wards at the NHS, Octopus Energy and Drayton Manor! We're used to performing for hundreds of children every single day. All of our party games & shows are designed to entertain all children and keep their attention focused towards the entertainer throughout the whole show!

We Have The Technology!

The perks of having a virtual party is they are specifically designed to allow 100 children to attend. Everyone joins through the invitation link we will provide you with. All of the kids will be able to see & speak to each other and it won't be any different than a live party. As long as everyone has a computer device and internet connection, you are good to go!

We Interact With Everyone!

One of the biggest reasons parents choose us is because of the interaction we provide. We never leave anyone out of the fun and never play elimination games. It's not fair to leave kids out of the party. If the birthday child is excluded from their own party, that's just disaster waiting to happen. We provide non-stop interaction with all of the kids as well as make the birthday child feel extra special on their amazing day.

There's Really No Need!

The fact of the matter is there's really no need to limit the amount of children that can attend your virtual party. An entertainers' job is to run the whole show online regardless of how many children are attending. Whether it's for 10 or 100 kids, one thing we guarantee is a fantastic time. The important thing to remember is your child will have a great virtual birthday party experience with all of their friends & family in attendance. The kids have a great time, the parents don't stress about anything, the entertainer runs the show and everyone is a winner!

Book Now For A Hassle Free Experience!

Our virtual parties are perfect and provide everything you need for a children's birthday party during this lockdown era. They're super easy to organise as well as unique party games you couldn't find at a live party. Check out our virtual parties and get in touch when you're ready to book. Send us a no-obligation consultation form or call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for checking out today's blog!

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