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What Equipment You Don’t Need At A Kid’s party In 2020

At Non Stop Kids, our entertainers bring their own equipment to parties and set up well in advance. Their equipment includes lights, PA system, speakers and additional items depending on the type of themed parties that are performed it. Everything they use is simple and effective. They bring everything they need to do an amazing show, nothing more, nothing less.

The problem with other parties out there is parents and entertainers alike spend resources on unnecessary equipment. From both a personal and a health & safety perspective, there are a lot of appliance that's just unnecessary.

What Equipment You Don’t Need At A Kid’s party In 2020

When you hear the term "party equipment", you immediately visual a big bouncy castle, party machines and much more! The problem is you don't need half of this equipment to make a party great. Your mind visualises everything you need.

Bubble/Foam Machines!

We frequently get asked if Non Stop Kids can provide/work with bubble and foam machines at parties. Our answer every time is no. For starters, they are a huge distraction. Imagine standing in the middle of a venue with constant liquid substance surrounding the environment. They create a huge mess and someone is going to have to clean it up afterwards.

Furthermore, they create a huge health & safety risk to the people attending, especially children. The make the surface slippery and when you have kids running around all day, there is the huge possibility they will slip and injure themselves. That's the last thing we want to happen. In short, these type of machines are just pointless and seem to do more harm than good!

Bouncy Castles!

You may have read one of our previous blogs that discusses why bouncy castles are unneeded, but all the same, they are quite more of a nuisance than you may have initially believed. For starters, if you are hiring them at the same time as an entertainer, then they just because a huge distraction. The job of an entertainer is to entertain and if they're a bouncy castle present, it's going distract kid's very easily. Trying to get the undivided attention of a child at this point would be impossible. If you're hiring an amazing entertainer already, the bouncy castle is just a pointless add in.

In addition, they can possible create a health and safety risk as well. Imagine you planned to hire a bouncy castle on a nice summer day, but against all odds, it begins to rain. Normally, the supplier would automatically cancel the arrangement because this would create a hazardous risk. Trying to use a bouncy castle in the middle of the pouring rain is practically begging to invite injury. Regardless of the weather or entertainment, they are simply not needed to make a great party!

Smoke Machine!

This one partially relates to the bubble/foam machines in the sense that it's more of a danger than fun. These machines generate smoke and pretty much blind the room around you. If I grown adult cannot see through this, then how do you expect four foot children to not bump or run into things when they cannot see? This is one of the most pointless equipment to have a kid's party that we cannot begin to understand why anyone would want to use these. These are best used at concerts, not kid's parties!

Confetti Cannon!

Do we really need to cover this one? Yes, compared to the previous equipment, this one isn't necessarily a direct hazard, but all the same, it's not an equipment worth using. For starters, the loud bang they create can easily scare a child who gets frightened easily and we don't want any upset kids at a party. Furthermore, they make a huge mess that someone will have to clean up afterwards. They're really not appropriate to have a kid's party.

Party Bags!

This one is sort of controversial, but nevertheless, it is worth noting. A lot of parents out there want to go host party bags. In all honestly, they can be filled with useless tat. After receiving the party bag, kids will lose or brake the contents in a matter of minutes. Regardless, most parents want to give their kids a party bag full of goodies, simply out of desire. You don't have to necessarily do this. Instead of making every child a party bag, there are other options (e.g sweet cones and balloon models). They aren't needed, however they do add an extra effect to the party. It all depends on your preference.

And there you have it! These are just some party equipment you really don't need to bring to a party. Fortunately, Non Stop Kids entertainment only supply the very best and safe equipment!

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