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Children’s Entertainers With A Difference - What Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Do Differently

Non-Stop Kids Entertainment are the biggest children’s entertainers in the UK. We perform at over 9,000 events a year and hold contacts with some of the biggest theme parks and holiday parks in the UK. Most of our work comes from word of mouth for one simple reason - people who book us recommend us and book us again and again.

What Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Do Differently To The Rest Of The Industry?

However, there are several things that we do that’s different from the majority of the industry. There are a few different reasons for this. Sometimes, it’s because the way things have been done traditionally just doesn’t work for us. Other times, it’s because we think there’s a better way of doing things.

In this blog we go through a few of the things we do that are different to the norm and why we do things the way we do.

We Don't Dress As Clowns

Look there are great clowns in the world. They are funny and people love them. However, the fact is that some children are scared of clowns.

It might not be your child - it could be someone you’ve invited to your child’s party. Also, older children will normally be turned off by the clown there because it’s babyish. Our packages are designed to work for adults and kids of all ages and as such dressing as clowns doesn’t really work for us.

We Don't Do Punch & Judy

Again, we have nothing against Punch & Judy. It’s a very popular part of British history. However, it’s not for us! First of all, it's the type of entertainment that’s best for festivals and the seaside than a kids party. 80% of our bookings come from parents booking birthday party entertainment. Secondly, there’s something wrong about a show designed for children that includes Mr Punch beating up his wife and a policeman because he dropped the baby in a vat of custard.

We Don't Offer Bubble Machines

There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, you have to understand that our entertainment packages are very interactive. There is not a single moment where the kids are just sitting there or standing around. The entire time they are doing something and being active. There is no time to use a bubble machine. The other reason is that they aren’t particularly the safest pieces of equipment in the world. As children run over to pop the bubbles, they make the floor very slippy. This is quite hazardous especially as more children run over. Furthermore, generally bubble machines are set up near a full disco set up. From a health and safety point of view, it’s just not worth it, especially as they don’t really add anything to a party.

We Don't Impose Time Slots

A lot of kids entertainers that work on their own impose time slots on their parties. It’s because they want to squeeze as many parties into the day as possible.

However, we don’t impose such time slots. We have so many entertainers that it’s easier for us to not offer time slots. We also believe that you shouldn’t have to change the time of your party just to accommodate your entertainer. Whatever time your party is - we have you covered.

You Can Book Us Before You Even Have A Venue

Most clients book us 6 to 8 months before their party because they want to secure our services. We can book a client before they even have a venue. We can put the venue as TBC. Then when you have the venue, just let us know and we can update the system. If you would like to change the time or date of your venue, that’s fine. Because we are the largest children’s entertainment company in the UK, we can accommodate last minute time and date changes. No problem at all!

We Can Offer Male And Female Entertainers, Depending On Your Requirements

Most independent entertainers work on their own. As they won’t be able to change genders, you don’t really have a choice as to the sex of your entertainer. We have over 80 entertainers working exclusively for us. It means you can choose the gender of our entertainer. This isn’t a big issue for some clients, but to others they will only book if they can have a particular gender. The good news is that’s not a problem at all.

We Don't Limit The Amount Of Kids You Can Invite

A lot of entertainers limit the amount of children you can have at the party or charge more if the amount exceeds a certain number. We don’t do that. We regularly perform at some of the biggest theme parks and holiday parks in the UK, sometimes with hundreds of kids in attendance. It means we don't limit numbers. The more the merrier and we would never charge you any more.

We Don't Charge Extra For Travel

No matter where you are located. We are truly a national company and we have entertainers throughout the UK. It means that wherever you are located, we have an entertainer locally for you. We would never charge you extra, regardless of where you are located.


So, there you have it! We may not do things the traditional way. We may buck the trends in our industry. We may be different. But we are different for a reason. It allows us to provide for you the absolute best party in the world.

If you would like to know more, give us a call on 0333 301 3002 and we will happily go through with you why we are the best. Or visit our website through the banner below and fill in our contact form.


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