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Why Classic Party Games Are Just No Fun

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

When it comes to party games, kids want something new and exciting, less boring and dull. Having the right party games can make all the difference between the children enjoying the party and not enjoying the it. Non Stop Kids provide non exclusive and fun games for all to enjoy. No kid wants to be excluded from a game because they lost and then have to sit around while watching other kids win prizes. They just get bored. Therefore, we never play classic party games.

Non Exclusive Games!

They are by far the best as they do not make anyone feel left out; they include all the children throughout the entire party so everybody has a fantastic time. Children can win prizes but they will never be the losers of the game as NOBODY can lose! No one wants a crying/screaming child in the middle of a birthday party, do they? There's so many reasons why classic party games are just no fun at all!

Old Party Games Are Outdated And Predictable!

If you want your party games to have some effect or spark intrigue for the children then it’s best to come up with games that are new and not outdated. How many times have we all played pass the parcel, bored stiff sitting in a circle, passing bits of paper around and ever waiting for your turn whilst listening to the drone of rubbish party music? Who wants to do that?

Children Who Get Excluded Get Bored And Upset!

Children who are excluded from party games get upset by being dumped on the side whilst watching all of the other children enjoy themselves. It can even contribute to the children feeling defeated and upset by the whole situation with the tears streaming; something you really want to avoid. If you don’t, then the children will not enjoy the party, leaving the parents also displeased and not to mention a potentially upset birthday child! Imagine being your birthday and you were the first one to be excluded?

New Games Have More Appeal!

Old classic games can sound appealing but they never change and all the parents play them at their child’s birthday party, so the children will already know what to expect, killing the excitement. The amount of time to play classic party games is an incredibly long time and some are just used to playing on computers and tablets and may not have the concentration span required. With all that said and done, what do you recommend instead?

We Have Themed Games That Add Life To The Party!

At Non Stop Kids, we have games centred on the themes we do. This ranges from pirate themed, to alien invasion, disco and much more. These are newly themed games that have more appeal to children, as time goes on the games that children enjoy vary. Therefore, it’s best to come up with something fresh and exciting so that your child’s party is different from everybody else’s. To keep up with the pace, Non Stop Kids provide a variety of exciting and fast paced games to keep the kids engaged all the way through.

To give an example, our childrens party entertainment has our Alien Invasion party package that includes it's own unique game. When all the children have arrived they are divided into two teams - Aliens and Defenders of the Earth.  Our entertainer takes on the role of an Intergalactic Referee who will run and host the games and make sure everyone plays fair. Over the course of two hours the kids will compete against each other in a series of high energy space themed party games and action dances. At the end of the party, the referee announces whether the Aliens have conquered Earth or if they have been defeated by The Defenders of the Earth! Either way, everyone has a great time and no one's excluded!

And there you have it! This is why Non Stop Kids do not play anything exclusion based and why they are just not fun. If you are deciding on games for your child’s party, then remember to keep up the pace with fast lively games that all the children will enjoy. Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new!

Thanks for reading. If you are interested in booking us for your child's party, visit our website and fill in a form for a free no-obligation quote, or give us a call at 0333 301 3002! We look forward to hearing from you!

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