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Why One Children’s Entertainer Is Enough For A Party

At Non Stop Kids Entertainment, we perform at over 7500 parties a year. We hold contracts with companies like Drayton Manor, Legoland and Cirque Du Soleil. We entertain hundreds of thousands of children every single year and there is one question that comes up from parents time and times a year.

“You are only sending one entertainer. Do you think they can cope?”

This is such a common question and the answer is absolutely! You might be thinking that's impossible, but we love to enlighten our visitors with information! We thought we would write a blog about why one children’s entertainer is more than sufficient at a kids' birthday party. Without further ado, let's jump into the main reasons why one entertainer is absolutely fine!

One Entertainer Is The Industry Standard!

Most kids entertainers work on their own. One of the reasons people raise the question with us is we have a big team. They think having a large team means that we will send more than one entertainer. However, most weekends we have at least 100 parties going on UK wide. All our entertainers are busy at their own parties and therefore, are highly qualified to perform their entertainment alone.

We Are Very Good At What We Do!

We hold contracts with some of the biggest brands in the UK. Our entertainers regularly perform in front of hundreds of kids. 30 or more kids in a hall sounds like a daunting task, but to our entertainers, this is a walk in the park. If we can handle a holiday park with 500 people in the audience, a regular birthday party is a piece of cake (pardon the pun).

We Are Experts At Kids Entertainment!

Parents sometimes worry that an entertainer won't be able hold the attention of a room full of kids. The best way to address this point is with an analogy. I am terrible at plumbing, I literally haven’t got a clue! If I got home and my pipes burst, I would freak out. My only choice would be to call a plumber. A plumber would probably turn up and fix the problem in a matter of minutes. Even though to me it would be a nightmare, to an expert it would be an easy fix. It’s the same with kids entertainment. To you, entertaining 30 kids might be your worst nightmare, but to us it is super easy. All of our entertainers are very passionate about what they do and are never intimidated by the number of kids they're entertaining!

You Don’t Need More Than One Entertainer!

You will see some companies that supply more than one staff member. Without question, the second person they send is always a helper to the main entertainer, like an assistant, so to speak. Quite commonly, they are someone quite young and doesn’t really do much. Mascot companies will send two people - one person to be in the costume and one person to walk them around. The second person doesn’t do anything other than walk around. Sometimes disco companies will send two people. One to run the disco and one to play games. But the person running the disco doesn’t really do anything other than cue the music.

The pattern is clear. What we do is totally different to these type of companies. We supply an experience - our entertainers will keep every child entertained for the entire duration of the party alone without any issue! The only reason these aforementioned companies send two performers is because one person alone doesn’t have the necessary skills to run a party themselves. If they did, they would not need a helper. Again, it comes back to point number 3 - we are experts at what we do.

It's Throwing Money Away!

child & entertainer pose for the camera with a balloon at a non stop kids entertainment themed superhero party

Financially, it’s not really viable. In order to send two qualified entertainers, you would have to pay double the price. When you get a party company that sends a helper, they normally pay the helper a very small amount to just turn up and help. Our customers constantly tell us that our prices are very competitive. One of the reasons for this is we only need to send one entertainer to make sure everyone has the best time ever. If we decided to send two entertainers, we would have to put our prices up and we wouldn’t want to do that to our customers!


And there you have it, five reasons why you don’t need two entertainers to run a successful kids party. If you would like to discuss this further or you would like a no obligation consultation, you can visit our website through the banner below to fill in the form and we will get back to you within the hour. Alternatively, you can phone us

Thanks for reading.

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