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Why Use Non-Stop Kids | The Best Children's Entertainers In The UK

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Let's be honest, there are hundreds if not thousands of children's entertainment companies out there offering their services. Of course, we're going to be biased and say you should book Non-Stop Kids Entertainment for your child's birthday party. You might be asking yourself why? Why opt to go with us instead of other children's entertainers?

Choosing Non-Stop Kids | Unraveling the Excellence of the UK's Finest Children's Entertainers

In addition to being the largest children's entertainment within the country, our motto is to make your experience hassle free while the children have a great time. We have also never, not once, ever let anyone down. When the pandemic hit us last year, we didn't want anyone to miss their kid's birthday party. That's why we introduced virtual parties. Kids entertainment is our passion, something we're very dedicated to. Our entertainers are nothing short of amazing. They will always strive to give 110% at every party.

Recommended By Parents!

Over 97% of parents would recommend our services to others. 50% of our work is from word of mouth. Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously. We always go above and beyond to make sure the parents have a hassle free experience. You're more than welcome to see for yourself on our TrustPilot and Facebook profiles.

We've Worked With Some Of The Biggest Companies!

Alongside providing entertainment for children's birthdays, Non-Stop Kids have also performed thousands of parties for companies such as Drayton Manor, McDonalds, BBC, Butlins, Alton Towers, Cadbury World. These companies have very high standards and wouldn't just take anyone to provide their entertainment.

Over 100 Entertainers!

As we mentioned beforehand, we have never let anyone down. We have over 100 entertainers spread across the country. That means we're more than likely to have someone in or near your area. If one of our entertainers falls ill or has to cancel for emergency reasons, we will immediately accommodate another entertainer to your child's party. Everyone's a winner that way.

Hassle Free Experience!

No one wants to stress over planning a kid's party. That's why our entertainers are amazing at what they do. When you book one of our party packages, our entertainers will arrive 30 minutes in advance to set up all of the party equipment. By the time all of the kids have arrived, everything will be ready. From beginning to end we will play high energy party games, dance competitions, action dances and perform our award winning magic show. All you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out.

We Are The True Experts!

The fact of the matter is we truly are the pioneers of children's entertainers. We go above and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly and answer any queries you may have. Check out our amazing packages, find the one that's right for your child and get in touch with our head office when you're ready to book. You can do this by calling us on 0333 301 3002 or visiting our website through the banner below for a no obligation consultation.


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