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Get A Discount On Kids Filled Party Bags

If you are reading this blog then you probably have children and you are currently planning a child’s party. There are lots of options when it comes to party supplies, so why should you use us out of all the companies? In this blog we go through the main reasons why Non Stop Party Supplies should be your preferred choice when it comes to party bags, party decorations and party supplies.


All Our Products Are Amazing!

We are very selective when it comes to which supplies we work with. We don't just grab the first supplies in sight, only the best. We have a waiting list of suppliers who want to be a part of our brand and each supplier goes through a strict vetting procedure to ensure their products are up to our very high standards. You won't be seeing any poor products from us.

We Have A Huge Selection Range!

With Non-Stop Party Supplies, no two parties are ever the same. There is a massive difference between one child’s party and another child’s party. As such, we have products that will work for every party and every child - no matter your theme. You can browse our range, knowing that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

We Have A Variety Of Options Specific To Your Theme!

This follows on from our previous points. There are hundreds of themes when it comes to a child’s party, whether your child likes aliens, unicorns, superhero’s, pirates or something even more bizarre, we can help. You can search by category and view all the different products from other suppliers. This way, if your party has a theme then you can ensure your decorations, bags and supplies will match that theme.

We Are Very Affordable!

We understand that planning a party can be very expensive. There’s the cost of the venue, the catering, the entertainment to name a few costs and that's just the icing on the cake. Party bags and party supplies are a seperate cost. We have budget options from all our suppliers. This means even if you are on a limited budget, we have something that will work for you.

We Cover Your Budget!

Regardless of your budget, we have you covered. In our previous point, we mentioned that our products are very affordable, however, we have options for all budgets. If you have a luxury party planned and only the best will do, then we have multiple options. All our products are searchable by price, helping you in finding the perfect supplies and party bags for your budget.

Nobody Knows The Children's Party Industry Like Us!

We are part of the biggest and best children’s entertainment company in the UK - Non Stop Kids Entertainment. We supply entertainment to over 7000 parties a year. It means we are way ahead of the latest trends when it comes to kids parties. This experience is invaluable when it comes to supplying customers with party supplies.

We Make Buying Party Supplies Hassle Free!

Let’s be honest, in the old days you would have to go to supermarket and buy a load of bits and bobs and then spend hours stuffing bags before the party. It’s very time consuming and that's where we come into play. We make the whole process hassle free. You simply browse our website, choose your bags and then pay for them. They then get delivered to your door - it’s a simple as that!

We Deliver To Your Door!

For this final point we think we should expand on the last section of our previous point. We deliver your order directly to your door a few days before your party. This is a huge reason to use our company. If you buy party bags, you have loads of buys and pieces lying around your house for days. If you order directly off an entertainer, they will bring the order to the day of the party (which means you won’t be able to personalise the bags). If you order off most online shops, the order will be delivered immediately, which isn’t great if you are organised and ordering months in advance. We will deliver your order a few days before your party date. Perfect timing!

Thanks for reading. As you can see, Non Stop Party Supplies really is the best option when it comes to ordering party bags and party supplies.

To enquire about our party bags or our amazing kids packages then just click the banner below!

Thank you for reading, here is your discount for your first Non-Stop Party Supplies order! 👇👇👇


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