Fun Filled Discos

Disco Parties kids!

Suitable for ages: 4-12

Party length: 2 hours

Number of children: 10+

Disco Lights

Music System

Prizes & Sweets

High Energy Kids Party Games


​Our Fun Filled Discos create the perfect party atmosphere as soon as the children walk through the door. We include awesome disco lights and a modern PA system.

We play crazy dancing games and competitions which are unique to Non Stop Kids Entertainment. The music can be tailored for each party so if there's any songs that you would like us to play or avoid just let us know! For your peace of mind, we will ONLY play radio edited songs

From start to finish we play party games. All of these are high energy games that are played to music and we even supply all the prizes for the games! We specifically play non-elimination games so that no-one is left out. We promise that with our Hassle Free package, your child will have a party that they will never forget.

Super Cool Disco Atmosphere

Crazy Dance Competitions

High Energy Kids Party Games

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