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Princess Themed Party

Children's Princess Party Entertainerment

Suitable for ages: 2-10
Party length: 2 hours
Number of children: 10+

Hosted by Princess Jessica

Interactive Story Time

Join the Princess Academy

Fancy Dress Competition

Princess-themed Party Games, Activities and Prizes

Step into a fairytale princess adventure fit for royalty with Non-stop Kids entertainment’s princess-themed party package. Dreams come true and memories are made when our very own Princess Jesicca leads your child and their friends into a world of happily ever after. Get in contact now to hire your own princess party entertainment for birthdays, school events and other celebrations.

Entertainer dressed as Elsa from frozen posing with 2 princess constumed children

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Meet Princess Jessica: Your Fairy Godmother of Fun

Every princess needs a royal host, and our own Princess Jessica is on hand to make your child’s dream come true. As an experienced children’s princess party entertainer, Princess Jessica brings charm, grace and healthy sprinkle of magic to every celebration. From her sparkling tiara to her elegant gown, she captivates your young princes and princesses with her enchanting presence. She will even be accompanied by princess-themed music, setting the perfect atmosphere for a royal celebration.

Interactive Story Time: A Tale of Wonder and Imagination

Gather round, young princes and princesses, as Princess Jessica shares tales of wonder and imagination. With her captivating storytelling skills, she transports children to faraway kingdoms where dragons roam, fairies grant wishes, and brave heroes embark on epic quests. Through interactive storytelling, children become part of the enchanting narrative, fostering creativity and igniting their imaginations.


Join the Princess Academy: Where Every Child Can Shine

Are you ready to unlock your inner royalty? At the Princess Academy, aspiring princes and princesses can hone their noble skills through a series of delightful activities and games, while being rewarded with special sweets and prizes. Under Princess Jessica's expert guidance, your partygoers will be able to earn their place as true members of the royal court, while having hours of memory-filled fun in the process.

Whether you have a group of boys, girls, or both, anyone is welcome to join our princess academy and enjoy the ever-lasting magic of our princess-themed party. Don't miss out on creating a magical and unforgettable princess party experience for your child.


Fancy Dress Competition: Dress to Impress

What's a princess party without a touch of glamour? Encourage little ones to don their finest attire and step into the spotlight for our Fancy Dress Competition. Whether they prefer flowing ballgowns, shining armour, or magical capes, every child has the chance to showcase their unique style and imagination. With Princess Jessica as the judge, every participant is a winner in the eyes of royalty.

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While our princess party package promises a day filled with wonder and excitement, we know how hard it can be finding and hiring the perfect entertainment for your child. If Disney princesses aren’t your child’s dream then maybe you can still put the capes and costumes to good use with our superhero party entertainment package. Alternatively, our pirate party entertainment promises a swashbuckling adventure no child is soon to forget!

"Stephanie was a brilliant entertainer, engaging the children (x35 3-4 years olds) for 45 minutes with an amazing puppet and magic show. She made sure to include my daughter, the birthday girl where possible. We've heard lots of positive feedback from party guests too, stating how their children keep talking about Princess Jessica. I would highly recommend nonstop kids and Stephanie" - Lucy Derry

Why Non-Stop Kids is an award-winning children’s party entertainer!

Non-stop Kids has delivered excellent themed-party entertainment experiences to thousands of children across the UK. Make your child’s birthday, fun day, school show or whatever is in between truly unforgettable by getting in contact now! For a free quote call us on 0333 301 3002 or click here to check our availability.

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