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Princess Themed Party

With Our Princess Party Entertainers

Suitable for ages: 2-10
Party length: 2 hours
Number of children: 10+

Hosted By Princess Jessica

Interactive Story Time

Join The Princess Academy

Fancy Dress Competition

Themed Party Games

Music System

Disco Lights

Entertaier dressed as Elsa from frozen posing with 2 princess constumed children

Prizes & Sweets

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0333 301 3002

Experience the magical world of our princess parties, where dreams come true and fairytale memories are made! This extraordinary package suits ages 2-10 and guarantees two hours of non-stop princess fun. With our princess party entertainers, your child will be enthralled in a world of happily ever after.


As the little princesses arrive, they are greeted with enchanting princess-themed music, setting the perfect atmosphere for a royal celebration. We can even customise the playlist to include your child's favourite songs, making their princess birthday party even more special. Rest assured, all the music played during the party is family-friendly and edited for your peace of mind.

The excitement begins with a captivating interactive story led by Princess Jessica herself. The tale includes how she became a princess and how she established her very own princess academy, open for all the children to join. Imagination takes flight as they join the academy, learning the ways of a true princess through singing, dancing, and acting. We will ensure each child feels like a part of the special experience.


Throughout our princess themed party, high-energy games will keep your little princess entertained and engaged. With our carefully selected non-elimination games, every child can participate and feel included, creating a joyful and inclusive atmosphere. We provide everyone with prizes, ensuring all the children feel like winners and can take home a special memory from the celebration.


To enhance the princess birthday party atmosphere, we bring a state-of-the-art music system and disco lights, transforming the party space into a magical dance floor fit for royalty. The presence of Princess Jessica ensures every moment is filled with enchantment, allowing your child to explore their imagination in the world of a princess. 


Whether you have a group of boys, girls, or both, anyone is welcome to join our princess academy and enjoy the ever-lasting magic of our princess-themed party. Don't miss out on creating a magical and unforgettable princess party experience for your child.


To book this extraordinary princess themed party, give us a call at 0333 301 3002. Our friendly team of princess party entertainers will provide you with a quote and answer any questions you may have.

Enchanting Princess Music

Princess Academy

Non Elimination Party Games

Princess Party Atmosphere

Fairytale Princess Entertainment

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