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Tiny Tots Party

Parties For 2-4 year olds!

Suitable for ages: 2-4

Party length: 1-2 hours

Number of children: 5+

Music System
High Energy Kids Party Games
Balloon Models For Every Child
Prizes & Sweets
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​Everything is age appropiate which means that the package has been specifically designed with younger children in mind. A lot of the tricks we perform in the magic show are story tricks where we tell the children stories but use magic to make the story more memorable and visual.

After all the children have arrived we kick things off with a comedy magic show. This is a fully interactive show where all the children are involved all the way through. We will always make sure that the birthday child gets to help with a special trick.

From start to finish we play party games. All of these are high energy games that are played to music and we even supply all the prizes for the games! We specifically play non-elimination games so that no-one is left out. We promise that with our Tiny Tots package, your child will have a party that they will never forget.

Specially designed party for younger children

High Energy kids party games

Award winning comedy magic show

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0333 301 3002

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