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Biggest Children's Entertainment Misconceptions | Non-Stop Kids Entertainment

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding children's entertainers. It's easy to misunderstand what exactly a children's entertainer brings to your kid's party. Some of the biggest misconnects include requiring a venue to run a party, having a DBS check, entertainers must have specific qualities and much more.

Dispelling Common Misconceptions About Children's Entertainment | Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Insights

We wanted to take this time to break down each of these misconceptions and explain why they are not true. These instances happen more than you think, but we're always happy to explain why they aren't what they seem to be. Give it a read and let us know what you think. If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know.

Entertainers Need A DBS Check!

DBS checks are usually required if an adult is left alone with a group of children while no other adults are present. But what everyone needs to understand is a children's entertainer will never be left on their own with the children. There will always be other adults and parents present. Entertainers are not babysitters. They're there to perform for kids. Even at schools there will always be teachers present as well. While most of our children's entertainers have a DBS Check, it's really unnecessary.

Magicians Must Be Male!

We provide hundreds of entertainers, both male and female. Every single one of our children's entertainers are just as good as each other. Part of their performances is to incorporate magic into their show. For reasons unknown, there is a big misconception that only males can be magicians. This is simply not true at all. Girls are just as incredible at performing magic as men are. There are famous female magicians out there like Fay Presto and Katherine Mills who have an incredible career in magic.

You Need A Venue!

Truth be told, it is very common that our entertainers perform inside a venue. Most clients think hiring out a venue is the best way to go as it means you won't have to make a mess at home and gives your children's entertainment more space to set up. While this is true, we are more than happy to perform literally anywhere. We've frequently performed within homes. During the summer time we often perform in gardens as well. The equipment we bring is designed to work anywhere. Sometimes it's better to have a party at home because younger children might be more comfortable within an environment they are familiar with. Next time you are planning your kid's party, don't discount your home.

It's Too Expensive!

This one is debatable but let us explain. More often than not we speak to parents who are concerned that hiring a children's entertainer will break their budget. Truth be told it's far cheaper than you might have expected, especially if you go with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. For example, our two hour Hassle Free Package is around the same price as a one hour package offered by some one man band entertainers. With our Hassle Free Package you get an award winning magic show, high energy party games, a special balloon for your child and much more. Your child will have fantastic memories to be cherished for a long time as well.

Don't Be Discouraged From Children's Entertainment!

It's easy to instantly believe these misconceptions, but we promise most of them are simply myths. Once you break down each of these misconceptions, you really understand why they are just myths. Thank you for reading today's blog. If you have any more questions or would like to get in touch with us, send in an enquiry form or call us directly on 0333 301 3002.


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