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Booking A Children’s Entertainer During Lockdown - Vlog

Thanks for watching today's Vlog! As you may have gathered there is a lot of consideration to do when it comes to hiring a children's entertainer, especially when it comes to virtual parties. If you want an amazing virtual party, let's go with he obvious choice and book Non-Stop Kids! We performed over 8,000 parties in 2019! Since lockdown we have performed many virtual parties online and parents had nothing but positive feedback from all parents! But if you are considering going with another company, do your research! Find an entertainment company that also specialises in virtual parties as well as normal ones. You can search their website for information, visit their social media platforms (e.g Facebook, Instagram). Having a virtual party requires the entertainer to use a different skill set then a normal party. If you do find an children's entertainer that you feel will be perfect, check their feedback from review services. This includes TrustPilot, Google, their social media pages and much more! Also check that they have a virtual party showreel. A visual video can tell a story a lot more than words. While on their social media platforms, check the type of content they put out. If you have a company that only updates one post a week instead of ten posts a day, you may need to reconsider. Lastly, see if they consider the age range of the children. Some entertainers might only cater for younger kids while others only perform for older ones. Some entertainment companies cater both, so that would be ideal to look at. The last thing you want is for your entertainer who only specialises for kids age 10 or over when your children are 5 and under! The most important thing to remember is you want to make sure your entertainer is going to be there and do a great job. Make sure they handle all the entertainment and have everything they need from a technical point of view. We want everything to go smoothly! If you would like Non-Stop Kids to perform a virtual party for your children, we're happy to help! Drop us a call or fill in form below via the banner! Make sure you also follow us on YouTube and Facebook! On NSK TV, we put out 6 videos a day from 8AM - 6PM! On Facebook, we do live streams everyday at 1PM!

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