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2023 Halloween Costume Report Reveals Top Costume Searches in the UK

Updated: Jan 23

As the Halloween season looms closer, households throughout the UK are eagerly preparing to make that all-important decision; what will be their chosen costume theme for this festive occasion? The anticipation is palpable as people of all ages look forward to the thrill of dressing up in imaginative, spooky, and sometimes whimsical outfits.

Halloween has undeniably seen a surge in popularity within the UK in recent years, evolving from a once American holiday into a nationwide celebration that transcends age boundaries. The excitement that surrounds this holiday has prompted us, at Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, to curate the 2023 Halloween Costume Report. In this insightful report, we delve deep into the enchanting world of Halloween costumes, unveiling the most coveted and sought-after costume themes that individuals and families are eager to embrace based on Google search volumes.

From classic monsters to contemporary pop culture icons, our report is a treasure trove of inspiration for those seeking to make this Halloween an unforgettable experience. Join us as we explore the trends and preferences that shape this year's Halloween costume landscape, offering a glimpse into the creative imaginations of individuals looking to make a memorable mark on this thrilling holiday.

Top 5 Most Popular Halloween Costumes in the UK

1. Wednesday Addams – 27,100 Monthly Searches

It's no surprise that Wednesday Addams reigns supreme as the most sought-after Halloween costume in the UK. With a staggering 27,100 monthly searches, this Netflix sensation took the spooky-loving world by storm last year. Wednesday, the iconic character from the series, embodies the struggles of a teenage girl navigating the challenges of growing up while embracing her eccentric and gothic upbringing. Her signature look, complete with her pale skin, long dark braids, and sombre attire, has captured the hearts of many.

2. Pirate – 18,100 Monthly Searches

The timeless allure of the pirate theme holds a solid second place with 18,100 monthly searches. Pirates are a perennial favourite, blending rugged seafaring style with a daring flair. Think tattered vests, tricorn hats, and intricately designed belts—all elements that make these costumes a thrilling choice. The enduring popularity of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" film series keeps this theme afloat year after year.

3. Harley Quinn – 12,100 Monthly Searches (22,200 Over Two Years)

Landing in the third spot is the colourful and chaotic character from the DC Universe, Harley Quinn. With an average of 12,100 monthly searches, and a whopping 22,200 over two years, Harley Quinn continues to captivate Halloween enthusiasts. Her striking appearance, complete with dyed hair, playful clown-like attire, and an affinity for chaos, makes her a standout choice. Harley is often portrayed as the unpredictable and devoted accomplice of the Joker.

4. Catwoman – 12,100 Monthly Searches (14,800 Over Two Years)

The enigmatic Catwoman, frequently associated with Batman, takes the fourth spot with an average of 12,100 monthly searches last year. Known for her sleek and seductive appearance, she typically dons a form-fitting black catsuit and a mask adorned with feline features. Her allure lies in her intriguing mix of mystery and sensuality.

5. Harry Potter – 12,100 Monthly Searches (12,100 Over Two Years)

Rounding off the top five is the beloved wizard from the fantasy novel series created by J.K. Rowling. With an average of 12,100 monthly searches, Harry Potter remains a permanent favourite. Recognised by his distinctive round glasses, untidy black hair, and that iconic lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, he brings a touch of magic to Halloween celebrations. His enduring popularity is a testament to the timeless appeal of the wizarding world.

Top 20 Halloween Costumes in the UK



Search Volume


Wednesday Addams






Harely Quinn

12,100 (22,000)



12,100 (14,800)


Harry Potter

12,100 (14,800)


Poison Ivey

12,100 (14,800)



12,100 (12,100)



12,100 (12,100)



12,100 (12,100)



9,900 (14,800)


Cruella de Vil

9,900 (14,800)


Hermione Granger

9,900 (12,100)



9,900 (12,100)


Tinker Bell

9,900 (9,900)


Rocky Horror

9,900 (9,900)



9,900 (8,100)



8,100 (9,900)



8,100 (9,900)



8,100 (9,900)



8,100 (9,900)


Researched 813 types of costumes from Google’s Frightgeist to add to our initial list.

By using Google Keyword Planner, we added the theme of the outfit with costume added to the end (e.g., pirate costume). With results from October last year to the most recent set of search data (August). We have collected this data for the whole of the UK.

If multiple types of costumes had the same number of average searches in a year, we pushed to look at data from the year before to the current date to see a potential change there.

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