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Let Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Take the Wheel: Hassle Free Parties Made Easy!

Updated: Mar 8

Looking for a hassle-free way to throw an amazing party for your child's special day? Look no further than Non-Stop Kids Entertainment! Our Hassle Free Party Package is the perfect solution for busy parents who want to give their child the party of their dreams without any of the stress or hassle.

Sit Back and Enjoy: Effortless Parties Made Easy with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment!

At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, we understand how important your child's birthday is to you. That's why we go above and beyond to make sure every party we throw is a memorable and magical experience for both you and your child. We take care of everything from start to finish, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the festivities.

So, what exactly does our Hassle Free Party Package include? Let's take a closer look:

A Professional Entertainer!

We'll provide you with a professional and experienced entertainer who will keep the party going from start to finish. Our entertainers are experts at engaging and entertaining children of all ages, and they'll make sure your child's party is one they'll never forget.

Party Games!

We'll take care of all the party games and activities, so you don't have to. We don't play the traditional party games like past the parcel. Elimination games are no fun and we wouldn't want to make kids to sit to one side. We'll keep the children entertained and engaged throughout the party.

Magic Show!

No party is complete without a little bit of magic! Our professional entertainers will perform a magic show that will leave the children (and adults!) amazed and delighted. From disappearing acts to card tricks, our magic shows are always a hit with the kids.

Party Music!

We'll provide all the party music and equipment, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Our professional sound system will ensure that the music is loud and clear, and our entertainers will lead the children in fun dances and singalongs.

Hassle Free Set Up & Clean Up!

We'll arrive at the party venue in plenty of time to set up everything, and we'll take care of packing up our equipment afterwards. You won't have to lift a finger, so you can focus on enjoying the party with your child and their friends.

Children's Parties Made Easy!

At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, we're committed to providing the best possible party experience for your child. Our Hassle Free Party Package is just one of the many services we offer to make your child's party dreams a reality. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, reliability, and attention to detail, and we're confident that your child's party will be a huge success with us at the helm.

So why not book your child's party with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment today? We guarantee a hassle free, unforgettable party experience that your child will cherish for years to come. Contact us now to learn more about our Hassle Free Party Package and other party services. We can't wait to help you celebrate your child's special day! Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send us an enquiry form for a no obligation consultation.


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