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Five Reasons You Should Hire An Entertainer For Your Child's Garden Party | Garden Party Hire

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Ever since the Government Guidelines were updated to allow more gatherings outside, garden parties immediately shot up in popularity! To help parents who wanted live interaction, we introduced our Garden Party Package, a package that adheres to all of the new rules. If you read our case study blog that covered our first garden party, you will know it was a massive success!

Five Reasons You Should Hire An Entertainer For Your Child's Garden Party | Garden Party Hire

As a result we highly recommend you should hire an entertainer for your children's garden party. As long as they are up to date with the Government guidelines and know how to adhere to them, go right ahead! In today's blog we are going to talk about five reasons why you should an entertainer for your garden party!

No Stress Or Hassle!

If you've used Non-Stop Kids Entertainment for your children's party before, you will know we provide a hassle free entertainment. Our entertainers take care of all the entertainment, relieving you from a massive amount of stress and hassle. All of our entertainers are very experienced and are always prepared when it comes to entertaining kids and making sure the parents have a hassle free experience. Hiring an entertainer will relieve a massive amount of stress and hassle for you. Your entertainer is there to take care of everything from an entertainment perspective. They can run the party from up to 2 hours and entertain all of the children non-stop. All you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out. Sit back and enjoy the show while your entertainer takes care of everything!

The Birthday Child Will Feel Special!

Here at Non Stop Kids, our entertainers run everything smoothly and we make sure the birthday child feel special during their party without excluding anyone else. Our Garden Party Package is no different. While we do not bring children up to the front at the moment, the show is very interactive throughout. The birthday child will be made to feel very special throughout. We will run everything smoothly and provide non-eliminating games while also focusing on the birthday child. Everyone's a winner!

The Kids Are Entertained!

Children's entertainers are trained and know how to run a smooth party. Their role is to make sure all the kids have an amazing interactive experience throughout the entire party. Your entertainer provides a good selection of games and party music. From the time the kids arrive to the time they leave, they will be left with an unforgettable and fantastic day. By giving them an amazing and unique experience, the kids will be captivated throughout the whole party. No one will be bored or feel left out which is the key to keeping happy faces. With our Garden Party Package, while we can't bring the birthday child to the front because of social distancing rules, the party is still very interactive and fun!

Amazing Memories For Your Children To Treasure!

A child's birthday is one of the most treasured days of their lives. Their birthday parties should be magical and unforgettable, creating memories that should be happy and treasured forever. Our entertainers are here to create one of the best memories of all time. There's nothing like having a talented and wonderful entertainer to create an amazing atmosphere for your children's party. At Non-Stop Kids we always strive to bring passion and enthusiasm in every moment of your children's party, never letting you down. We guaranty it will be a day to be remembered forever.

We Bring All The Equipment!

There's a lot of equipment that entertainers bring to their parties. From games to disco equipment and speakers, Non-Stop Kids provide everything required from the party. We bring all of our equipment and set up 30 minutes in advance. All of our equipment is designed to work outdoors and to make sure all Government Guidelines are being followed we always clean and sanitises our equipment before and after every party. This will save you the time and money as you won't need to find these items for yourself!

These Five Reasons Will Make Your Garden Party Amazing!

And there you have it! Five reasons why you should hire an entertainer for your children's party. Thank you so much for reading today's blog. We've loved performing garden parties over the past few months and we couldn't be happier with the results. If you want entertainment for your children's garden party, we promise you will never be disappointed here at Non-Stop Kids. We take care of everything and make your children's day rememberable and amazing! For a no-obligation quote, send in a contact form through the banner below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Or alternatively give us a call at 0333 301 3002!

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