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Magical Experience For Older Kids | Children's Parties With NSK

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As a parent you will know organising a party for your children can get tricky and awkward when your child is going through the stage of being trapped between a kid and a teenager. We understand it can be frustrating when you are trying to come up with an idea for a birthday party and trying to find something they will enjoy. That's why Non-Stop Kids are here to help with the perfect solution.

Enchanting Adventure for Older Kids | NSK's Children's Party Experience

Have you ever heard of our Wizards Workshop? This is one of our most popular packages and perfect for older kids. When it comes to your children's entertainment, there are a lot of entertainers who don't perform for older children. Not us! We specialise in parties for all children and have years of experience performing at children's birthday parties. All of our packages are designed for all ages. The Wizards Workshop is perfect for kids who are seven years and over.

Kids at a young age are fascinated with magic and can't help but feel captivated as they watch an entertainer. But when they get to a certain age they want to partake and learn more about the wonders of magic. That's exactly what they get. This package has been designed specifically for older kids. This is nothing like a kid's show. This is a one in a lifetime performance you would see iconic magicians such as Dynamo perform on live TV! Our entertainer performs an award winning magic show that combines sleight of hand with mind-blowing magic tricks that will blow your mind away!

After the magic show, this is when the real party begins and gets very interactive. Our entertainer teaches the kids simple magic tricks they can learn easily. Best of all is they will be using everyday objects you can easily find around the house. This includes paperclips, paper cups, rubber bands and much more. Before your party begins we will send you a checklist in advance so your children will have everything they need. One by one the kids watch our entertainer perform and follow along as they pick up the techniques. We will teach the kids as many magic tricks as we can.

The big highlight of this package is the benefits that are included as well as the entertainment. Magic is a perfect introduction to your children's development. It teaches them to be more confident when meeting new people and they can break any tension with a handy magic trick. It also improves their creativity and teaches them how to communicate better. Magic has so many unique benefits that you wouldn't believe. This party package is perfect for older kids and guarantees an amazing experience as well as handy magic tricks they can keep forever.

As with the rest of our children's parties we will take care of everything for you. On the day of your party the entertainer will set up 30 minutes before your party begins. When the party begins, our entertainers will run the whole show and teach the kids everything they need to know about performing magic. The show is very interactive with all of our tricks designed to work in any environment. You don't even have to lift so much as a finger.

Amazing Children's Parties!

Thanks for checking out today's blog. Our Wizards Magic Workshop is super popular with older kids and as such availability has become very limited. We promise that after this party is finished, your child and their friends will be showing each other magic tricks for years to come. Our head office is here to provide you with everything you need to know about a party with Non-Stop Kids. Send in a contact form for a no obligation consultation or call us on 0333 301 3002. Both can be found below!

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