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The Best Party Packages For Children’s Entertainment | Non-Stop Kids Tips & Tricks

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Looking for the best children’s entertainment for your kids upcoming birthday or other type of celebration? You’ve come to the right place! We are Non-Stop Kids Entertainment - the largest children’s entertainment within the UK! We have provided over 10,000 parties just this year alone! Most importantly we have never, not once, ever let anyone down! We’re not just a one-man band who do this kind of stuff on a weekend for some pocket money. We’re a national company with well over 100 entertainers on our team! That means we cover the whole country!

Top Children's Entertainment Party Packages | Non-Stop Kids Tips & Tricks

You get the idea! 97% of parents say they would come back to us again because of the amazing experience we provided! We’re not just limited to one service either! As well as our regular party packages, there are several themes as well as seasonal packages for those who are looking to celebrate Halloween and Christmas. That’s why we wanted to take this opportunity to break down our best party packages!

Hassle Free Package!

Our Hassle Free Package is the number one choice for one reason alone: it’s hassle free for you, not for us! When you secure this amazing package we keep in contact with you all the way from the day of your booking to the day of your party. The day prior, our children’s entertainer will contact you to introduce themselves and quickly go over how the party is going to run. We care about the customer journey that much! On the day of your party, our entertainer arrives 30 minutes in advance to set up everything and create a fabulous atmosphere for the kids to walk into. From there all you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out. We take care of all the children’s entertainment. There’s high energy party games, an award winning magic show, action dances and so much more. We even make sure the birthday child gets to help with a special trick. Best of all, no one is ever eliminated from the fun. Everyone will be involved all the way through!

Tiny Tots!

We don’t just provide entertainment for older children. Our exclusive Tiny Tots Package is designed for younger children in mind! It goes without saying kids aged between 1 - 4 years old don’t hold the same attention span as older children. A lot of our kids entertainers would shy away from providing entertainment for younger kids, but not us! With our Tiny Tots Package we have designed the show with younger children in mind. There’s interactive story times and an award winning magic show, all specially designed parties for younger children. All throughout the party we will play high energy party games to music of your choice. We will even supply all the prizes for the games as well.

Unicorn Themed Party!

Who doesn’t want to go searching for unicorns? This unicorn birthday party is not only adored by the kids but adults as well! This package is hosted by a trained Unicorn Handler! They will provide a very interactive comedy magic show themed to unicorns! All the tricks and routines are designed with unicorns in mind! Our Unicorn Handler will teach your child and their guests how to become a unicorn expert themselves! This is done by teaching the kids how to use magic to catch a unicorn! At the end of the show, we use magic to make a cuddle unicorn appear! We will even send you certificates you can print off and give to the children so they know they are an official unicorn expert! This is super fun!

Amazing Party Kids Packages!

These are easily the best party packages but that doesn’t mean our other parties aren’t just as great! We provided over 10 different themes, seasonal parties and so much more. Check them out and get in touch with our central office team when you are ready to book! All you need to do is visit our website using the banner below and filling out an enquiry form. Or you can call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thank you for taking the time to read today’s blog. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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