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Why You Should Have A Princess Party | Children's Entertainment With NSK

Updated: Aug 17

Our Princess Party is easily one of the best packages we provide for your children's entertainment. We've performed thousands of princess parties, sending our entertainers dressed as our very own princess named Princess Jessica. She provides an incredible interactive experience, teaching everyone what it's like to be a princess and how she became one through princess academy.

Advantages of Arranging a Princess Party | Non-Stop Kids' Children's Entertainment Experience

As the largest children's entertainment company within the UK, we take great pride in providing unique and fun parties for children's birthdays and other events across the country. Since social restrictions have concluded, we are receiving more bookings than ever before, especially with the upcoming holidays approaching very soon. Let's break what makes our Princess Party so special.

Unique Story Interaction!

If there's one thing Non-Stop Kids exceed at is the interaction. The second everyone has arrived at the party, Princess Jessica kicks off the party with an amazing interactive story. She tells everyone how she herself became a princess and set up her own princess academy. The kids are hooked onto her every word as they are invited to take part in her academy by learning how to sing, dance and act like a true princess.

Nothing Like Our Other Parties!

We didn't just take our Hassle Free Package, stick a different name on it and call it a day. Everything within our Princess Package has been specifically designed with princesses in mind. The unique experience within this package cannot be found within our other parties. If you have ever experienced one of our other parties before, prepare to witness something amazing.

Everything Is Appropriately Themed!

Alongside the story time and princess academy, everything is themed towards princesses. Princess Jessica will also play high energy party games alongside princess themed music. It truly does create the atmosphere of a princess.

The Package Is Completely Hassle Free!

Our role as children's entertainers is to provide a brilliant experience for all of the kids while you, the parents, don't have to stress over anything. The Princess Package is no exception. Princess Jessica will arrive 30 minutes in advance, giving themselves plenty of time to set up the show. From there they will host & run the party from beginning to end. All you need to do is feed the kids and hand them their coats on the way out.

Brilliant Party Experience!

You can read more information about our Princess Package on our website. While you're there don't forget to check out our numerous other themed packages as well. For the next few months availability is almost completely fully booked because of Halloween and Christmas. Get in touch now and consider having a midweek party instead. Call us directly on 0333 301 3002 or use the banner below to visit our website. We'll speak to you soon.

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