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Tips For Hosting the Perfect Outdoor Garden Party | Social Distanced Kids Parties

Non-Stop Kids have been performing our Garden Party Package for a few months now and we couldn't be more happier! We're thrilled that we have finally been able to perform live interaction again and will continue to do so!

Tips For Hosting the Perfect Outdoor Garden Party | Social Distanced Kids Parties

If you are looking to host the perfect outdoor garden party then you definitely need to check out this blog! We talk about some amazing tips that will help your day became a fantastic day!

Outdoor Chairs!

The outdoors is a great way to get some fresh air and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature but we all need to rest our weary legs every once in a while. Make sure to have plenty outdoor seating spread across your garden. This will ensure that your guests get to have a seat and relax while also maintaining the two meter rule.

Don't Forget The Music!

Wouldn't be a party without music. The music of your party sets the atmosphere and creates a peaceful, relaxing environment for everyone to enjoy. Music is easy to set up outside thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Hook up your phone to a bluetooth speaker and play a lively summer playlist.

Hands Free Hosting Wins The Day!

Don't forget about food. While you don't want to host a buffet to avoid anything that's hands on, there's tons of other options aviaibile. You can arrange for food to be individual wrapped and be placed inside a snack box. Everyone can safely enjoy their food & drinks out of their individual snack boxes without any worries or concerns. A picnic is a great way to eat together that can be organised safely. You can have your own household prepare your food while your guests bring their own. Then you can sit on two separate benches without being too close to each other and enjoy a nice lunch together.

Outdoor Movie Night!

Easier then it sounds. You can get a projector with a built-in wifi to stream movie or TV shows of your choice through your phone or computer. An outdoor movie night will allow your guests to sit apart from you while they sit back and enjoy the show! If you want to go that extra mile, your guests can even bring their own popcorn and drinks to give it that cinematic feel. You can easily find projectors online such as Amazon. For a garden party that takes place into the evening, outdoor lighting will add an instant ambiance to an evening party as well.

Have An Amazing Day!

Keep these tips in mind and you will have an amazing time for your garden party. Our entertainers have loved performing our Garden Party Package and we strive to make kid's birthdays amazing while delivering a hassle free experience for all parents. If you are planning a garden party for your children's birthday, we would love to speak with you about providing a children's entertainer. You can send in a no-obligation form and we get back to you with a quote. Or alternatively give us a call at 0333 301 3002. Thank you for tuning into today's blog.

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