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Choosing A Theme For A Virtual Party - Vlog

Updated: 5 days ago

And there's your answer, folks! When it comes to accommodating a theme for your virtual party, it really is down to you as a parent to determine what your child is into. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we can happily attach any theme to our virtual parties without any additional charge. If your child really loves Jurassic Park, we can attach our Jurassic Themed Package with their very own Dinosaur Expert! If your child loves pirates, we can use our Pirate Themed Party that is hosted by Captain Spare rib! So many options availiable! If your child is into pirates and their entertainer dresses like one, they’ll love it! If you do have concerns that your child loves a specific theme but the rest of his friends don’t, we suggest it doesn’t matter about the other children. It’s the birthday child’s special day. Our themes work for everybody, regardless of the theme. The other kids will still love it as it’s designed to bring everyone in. If you are considering a princess party but have boys attending, princesses won’t really work for for them. We'd recommend either don’t have one or dial it back a bit (e.g scrap story time and go with magic show). Outside of that it’s up to you. Even if it’s a theme we don’t have, we can accommodate another theme to you. We’ve more than likely worked with it before and can easily accommodate to it. Make sure it’s the thing your child is into. Thanks again for watching today's Vlog and we'll see you in the next Vlog! If you haven't already, follow us on Facebook and YouTube! We post daily videos for NSK TV and live streams on Facebook every day!

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