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Virtual Dinosaur Party

Suitable for ages: ALL ages

Party length: 30, 45, 60 OR 90 Minutes

Number of children: 100 Max

Starting from
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Non Stop Kids Entertainment’s virtual dinosaur party package is unlike anything you’ve seen before. We have created the perfect party package for anyone that loves dinosaurs. The awesome thing is that because the party is virtual everything takes place online. There is no hassle finding the venue, preparing food, tidying away afterwards. You simply invite the guests and leave everything else to us.

The party is hosted by an actual dinosaur hunter and during the course of the party the children will be taught how to find and catch dinosaurs. This package is very interactive throughout; we can see the children and the children can see us. It’s not like watching a static video.

We start with a dinosaur themed magic show. There is magic, comedy, slapstick and everything is themed to dinosaurs. After the magic show we go on to high energy party games, action dances and dance competitions, again all themed to dinosaurs. Many of the games we do are designed specifically for a virtual environment.

Out of all the virtual party packages we offer, the dinosaur party packages are one of our most popular. Availability is limited so please contact us today to check availability and to receive a no obligation quote and consultation. 


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