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Why You Should Book A Deluxe Virtual Party Package With NSK!

Updated: Sep 21

If you've been keeping up to date with Non-Stop Kids you know about our Virtual Party Package. We have a whole Blog dedicated to talking about the concept and why they are an amazing party package to have. Our Virtual Party includes our award winning magic shows, high energy party games and dance competitions! But that's not all. We have Deluxe version of our Virtual Party package. In today's Blog we are going to talk about the amazing features of our Deluxe Virtual Party Package and why it's perfect! This includes your own virtual invitations, digital recordings and much more!

Why You Should Book A Deluxe Virtual Party Package With NSK!

You Get To keep Your Recording Afterwards!

Firstly, after the party is over you will get to keep a digital recording of the entire party! Your child can look back on this recording any time they wish and look back on amazing birthday. Non-Stop Kids have always prioritised making your child’s birthday a day to remember for years to come. With a digital recording they can relieve this special memory at any time. As a parent you can also show this recording to other parents too. They will see the excitement on your child’s face during their special day and that’s something that cannot be replaced.

Virtual Invitations!

The Deluxe Package also grants you virtual invitations! We've recently teamed up with Mini Epic to bring you awesome virtual e-invites to send out to your friends! These virtual invitations will have an awesome animated video to send for your friends and family! Like a normal invitation they have the birthday child’s name, date and type of party! Each of the virtual invitations can be customised to meet a specific theme. If your child is a massive pirate fan, we can customise the virtual invitations to be tailored for a pirate themed party!

Any Type Of Theme!

Lastly, you can add any type of theme to your virtual party without extra charge! Is your child a massive football fan? Have a soccer based theme! Does your child love Pirates of the Caribbean? Make it a pirate themed party! There are a lot of themes Non-Stop Kids have with our parties. Even if you want a theme we don’t offer, we can accommodate our party to fit your child’s desired theme.

And there you have it! Our Deluxe Virtual Party offers a massive amount of enjoyment to have with your party. Virtual Parties have become a huge popularity at Non-Stop Kids Entertainment and we want all parents to see why they are amazing! If you haven’t already check out our Virtual Party’s page on our website. While doing so check out our Virtual Invitations showreel on YouTube! If you need to learn more about our Virtual Parties, check out our other Blog that explains the number one reason why.

If you would like to get in touch about booking our Virtual Party then visit our website through the banner below! You can submit a no obligation form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Or if you're very keen then give us a call at 0333 301 3002!

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