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Virtual Parties And Why They Are An Amazing Experience - Vlog

Thanks for watching our brand new vlog! We're very excited about our virtual parties and want all the kids to take part in this amazing experience! If your child has their birthday upcoming soon and still want to give them an amazing experience, check out the Non-Stop Kids Virtual Parties page! Your child will get to have an amazing party from the comfort of their own home and our entertainers will take care of all the party entertainment as well as the technical perspective.

Unlike a normal children's party you can have as many kids as you want and it makes no difference- the more the merrier! All your friend’s parents need to do is click on the link that our entertainers will provide you with to send to your guests at the time & date of your virtual party. The children can log in via any device - a laptop, a computer, a smart phone, a tablet - basically anything! Whenever you want a magic show, a story time, or a themed package we are happy to accommodate your virtual party needs! Don’t forget we will also provide you with a free recording of your virtual party when you book our Deluxe Package. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the hassle free experience! The link to the Virtual Party Page will be below!

Virtual Parties!

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