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Choosing The Best Time Of Day To Have A Garden Party | Garden Parties

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Now that Non-Stop Kids are providing garden parties once again, a lot of parents are asking us what the best time of day is to have their children's party. In the past a lot of the traditional parties ran from 2pm till 4pm. In all honesty this is not the best time to have a garden party and we highly recommend avoiding this time slot.

Selecting the Optimal Time for a Garden Party | Outdoor Celebrations

At the time of this blog, spring has arrived with summer just over the horizon. The weather is going to be beautiful and everyone wants to embrace the summer heat. It's important everyone has the best party experience possible without any conflicting schedules. That's why we are going to break down the best time to have a outdoor party while discussing why the traditional time slot doesn't work.

How To Make Sure Everyone Can Attend!

As a parent you know what it's like to have lots of party invitations for different children's parties. It gets to the point that children have busier social schedules than adults! While the current rules are only allowing up to 6 people in attendance, it will soon increase to more and that means you want as many of your child's friends to come to their party as possible. That's why our kids party entertainment always encourages everyone to organise your children's party as soon as possible and give parents as much notice as possible.

2PM till 4PM slots pretty much take up the whole day. A lot of parents will look at this time and probably would rather do something together as a family instead. But if you decide to go with an 11AM till 1PM time slot, the parents will have a much different mindset. They will be able to drop their child off at the party family early in the day. The child will enjoy the party, have lunch and by the time their parents come to collect them you will have lots of time left to do something together as a family.

The Best Time For Weekends!

Most parents planned traditional parties on the weekends but we are finding weekday parties have become much more popular over the years. As the host of the party you want to make sure the parents are given enough notice so they don't make other plans. Parents find it very easy to take their children during the midweek as they can go straight from school to the party. It also means you are unlikely to clash with other parents who might be planning parties on the upcoming weekend as well. One of the worst things to happen is if there are two birthday parties at the same time and children are forced to choose which to go to. A midweek party ensures that won't happen.

Conflicting Food Schedules!

It wouldn't be a party without food & drink served to your guests. It's important we all stay hydrated in the summer heat. In the traditional 2pm till 4pm slot, food would probably be served at around 3pm. The problem with this slot is all of the kids have probably had their lunch already and won't be hungry later on. There will be lots of food left because no one has the appetite. it's a shame to see good food to go waste like that.

A better time to plan the party is from 11am till 1pm. Food would be served around 12pm which is the perfect time for children to have their lunch. The food you serve will replace their lunch and that means there will be very little waste. Alternatively, if the party is held at 4pm till 6pm or even 3pm till 5pm, this will also work to replace the children’s dinner later on. There will be no wasted food and everyone will be a winner!

Remember The Time Of Day Is Important!

The time of day of your children's garden party is very important to consider. You can plan your party whenever you want to. But from years of experience we can tell the best time slots are 11AM to 1PM, 3PM till 5PM and 4PM till 6PM are the best. A lot of our entertainers are parents themselves and know the best times to organise a children's party. Check out our Garden Party Package and get in touch when you're ready to book.

You can visit our website through the website below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for checking out today's blog. We look forward to providing a fantastic outdoor experience for your children's party. Don't forget we are still providing virtual parties as well!

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