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How To Make Sure Kids Are Social Distancing With Party Food - Vlog

Thanks for watching today's vlog. As of the 7th of July, our Garden Party Package has grown popular since announcement. In the upcoming days we have up to 30 garden parties scheduled. We had many parents speaking to us about wanting live entertainment for their kids and that's perfectly understandable. Our entertainers are amazing and they are super excited to perform outside. You can check out our case study where we talked about our first ever Garden Party and how it was a huge success.

For our party package we run the entertainment for you and make sure social distancing and Goverment guidelines are applied. When it comes to social distancing while the kids are eating, one piece of advice is to use hula hoops. They are perfect social distancing bubbles and kids are none the wiser. Clients love the idea. Another option is to use little pieces of carpets or chairs across the garden that are spread apart. There's a lot of options, it's just making sure the kids understand.

Regards to food, don't have a buffet. It's very difficult to social distance when the food is combined into one. Go with cardboard snack boxes, like happy meals. Find them on Amazon or other websites. You can have pre-packed food (sandwiches, cake, drink, etc). All you have to do is give them to the kids and let them eat away from their snack box. Just make sure the kids have diet requirements such as vegetarians and lactose intolerance. If you need further advice, we're happy to help. Fill it a contact form or give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you!

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