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Virtual Popstar Party | Virtual Party Entertainment

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Who wants to learn how to dance like a pop-star? If you checked out our NSK TV series you will have seen our Dance Like A Popstar series. We are proud to present our exciting Virtual Poster Party Package. This is one of our most popular virtual party options when it comes to virtual parties. It's an amazing concept that works fantastic and all of the kids will have an amazing time!

Virtual Popstar Extravaganza | Elevate Your Virtual Party Entertainment

Like with our Virtual Dance Workshop Package, your entertainer will act as your very own dance instructor and teach all the kids a choreographed dance routine. If your kid loves to dance and sing to famous pop stars then this is the perfect package for them. We have designed everything to be pop-star themed, including our party games, action dance and dance competitions! It's an amazing package and we are super excited to present this package. We have three different sessions you can choose from!

30 Minute Package!

Our 30 minute session is similar to our dance workshop but as well as learning how to choreograph a dance, the kids will also learn how to sing to the song they are dancing to. Your entertainer will be your very own dance instructor as they teach the kids everything they need to know. We will pick a modern pop song that is age appropriate and divide the kids into two teams. One team will be learning the dance routine to the song whilst the other team will be learning how to sing the song. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can share our screens to all of the kids so they can see the words and learn them. By the end of the party the children will come together to sing and dance to the song they have learnt. It's a great sense of achievement as they will have learned something new for years to come. To end the party on a high note we get everyone to sing happy birthday!

60 Minute Package!

If you thought that was amazing, wait until you see our other sessions! Our 60 session is similar to our previous one but now we have a lot more time to work with the children. At the beginning of the party our dance instructor will talk to the kids and get them ready for the show by talking to them about singing and dancing to pop songs, learning about what their favourite songs are. Your dance instructor can adapt their show to what they kids enjoy and make the show even more interactive. And then we end the special day by singing happy birthday for your child. By the end of the session we will have made their performance perfect!

90 Minute Package!

And this brings us to the best sessions of them all! We split this package up into two solves. During the first half we talk to the kids about dancing, do a warm up and play some fun party games, quizzes and dances, all based around pop seconds. The kids will have a 10 minute break to have a chat and drink with their friends. When we get to the second half of the party, the kids will be divided in two teams and between them they choreograph a dance routine while learning to sing a popular pop song. By the end of the party the kids will perform their choreographed dance and their song. The party will end with everyone singing happy birthday and the kids will have learned something new. 

Learn To Dance Like A Pop-Star!

Thanks for checking out today's blog. We are super excited to perform this exciting routine for your child's birthday day. We play party games, teach the kids how to dance and sing and much more. After this party your kid will learn everything there is to know about becoming a pop-star themselves. Maybe one day your child and their friends might go on to be the next Little Mix. The best part about this party package is we can adapt it to the age of the children who will be attending. Whether you have a younger audience or your party is for older kids, they are guaranteed to have an amazing time!

As the pop-star party is one of our most popular packages, the upcoming weeks will be very busy. We have dozens of parents already contacting us about booking a Virtual Halloween & Virtual Christmas Party as well as a Popstar Package. We are more than happy to speak with you about providing a virtual party for your children's birthday. Our head office is happy to guide you through everything. We have never, not once, let anyone down. Call us on 0333 301 3002 to get in touch directly or send in a contact form for a no obligation quote. Thanks for reading and we will speak to you soon!

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