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Virtual Popstar Party

Suitable for ages: ALL ages

Party length: 30, 45, 60 OR 90 Minutes

Number of children: 100 Max

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The popstar party is one of our most popular virtual party options. In fact ever since we started doing virtual popstar parties they have taken off & become really popular. The format of the party works brilliantly virtually and all of the kids will have an amazing time!


If your child loves popstars, singing and dancing, this is the perfect package for them and their friends. Everything is designed and themed to a popstar theme. We start with party games, action dances and dance competitions. After this we going to have a popstar workshop where we teach the children everything they need to know to become popstars themselves. You never know, your child and their friends might become the latest Little Mix.


The great thing about this party is we can adapt it to the age of the children that will be at the party. So whether you have younger children or older children everyone will have an amazing time. As the popstar party is one of our most popular packages, availability is very limited. So contact us today to check to see if we are available.

30 mins session - The virtual popstar party is similar to the dance workshop. The difference is as well as learning how to choreograph a dance the children also learn how to sing to the song. We pick a modern pop song and divide the kids into two teams. One team learns the choreography for the song whilst the other team learn how to actually sing the song. Because of the technology we are using we can share a screen with the children so they can see the words to the song and learn them. At the end of the session the children come together and sing and dance to the song they have learnt. There is a great sense of achievement at the end of the session. At the very end we get everyone to sing happy birthday.

60 mins session - The 60 minute session is similar to the 30 minute session but we have more time to work with the children to make sure that their performance at the end is perfect. The session runs in a very similar way. The only difference is at the beginning of the party with a warmup and talk to the children about singing and dancing to pop songs. We make the session quite interactive so we’re actually finding out what their favourite songs are. In many cases we can adapt what we are doing based on what they enjoy making it even more interactive. At the end of the session we get everyone to sing happy birthday.

90 mins session - The 90 minute session is divided into 2 halves with a 10 mins break in the middle for a chat and a drink. In the first half an hour we talk to the kids about dance, do a warmup and place a fun party games and quizzes and dances all based around pop songs. In the second session which runs for almost an hour we divide the kids into two teams and between them they choreograph a dance and learn to sing to a popular pop song. At the end of the session the kids perform their song and dance and then we get everyone to sing happy birthday.


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