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Why You Should Book A Spy Party | Virtual Party With Non-Stop Kids!

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

If your kids are ready to become the next James Bond or Chase from the PAW Patrol, get ready for the best spy themed party for your children's birthday. Thanks to our exciting Virtual Spy School Party Package, we can teach your children everything they need to know about being a spy. This exciting package is really interaction, high energy and designed to work for all ages!

Why Choosing a Spy Party is a Great Idea | Experience a Virtual Adventure with Non-Stop Kids!

We have designed this amazing package to teach different spy techniques to all of the kids, as well as provide non-stop interaction with everyone attending. Non-Stop Kids have performed over 4,000 virtual parties and take dozens of enquiries every single day for a virtual party. Christmas and Halloween may be approaching soon but our Virtual Spy School Party is growing in popularity.

The party can work for all ages and is really interactive as well as being high energy and fun. Your child and their friends will learn how to be spies. They will learn all of the secret techniques that spies learn. By the end of this party your child and their friends will be the next James Bond.

Your Spy Teacher Takes Care Of Everything!

Non-Stop Kids' goal is to make your children's birthday party memorable for years to come while providing a full hassle free experience for you. When you book one of our virtual parties we will take care of everything for you. From the day of your booking to the party of your party, you won't have to do a single thing! On the day of your children's virtual party, your entertainer will set everything up 30 minutes in advance so the kids have something exciting to walk into. You are provided with an invitation link to send to your other guests.

Your party begins and whether you book a 30 minute, one hour or 90 minute session, you are guaranteed a fantastic experience! Throughout the duration of your party your entertainer will host their Spy School and provide non-stop interaction from beginning to end. This includes high energy party games, a spy themed magic show and teaching the kids different spy techniques. By the end of your party the kids will have a fantastic experience and go home with new techniques. All you need to do is sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy the show.

We Teach The Kids Spy Techniques!

As we mentioned before we will teach the kids exciting spy techniques. Your entertainer will talk to the kids about what it's like to be an amazing spy and how they can learn secret skills to become the best spy ever! We will teach them how to send and decipher secret coded messages, using and making their own invisible ink and much more! By the end of your party the kids will have learned amazing techniques they can show off to their friends & family in the future.

You Can Choose Different Times!

When you book one of our virtual parties you will have a choice between how long you want your children's birthday to run for. You may have 30 minutes, one hour to a 90 minute session, each one offering something unique. We our 30 minute package, we will teach the kids several spy techniques that are designed to be fun, engaging and interactive. We finish off the party with high energy party games and action dances themed to being a spy. Our one hour package is divided into three sections. The first 20 minutes is a very interactive comedy magic show all themed to spies. All of our tricks are designed to show the kids their entertainer is a real spy. The second section we go into our Spy School and teach the kids everything they need to know to be a spy. Then when we reach the third section we play spy themed party games, action dances and dance competitions!

And then we have the best session of them all. Our 90 minute package is very popular with this theme. In the first 45 minutes we kick off with your virtual party with our spy themed comedy magic show followed by Spy School. The Spy School is similar to the 30 and 60 minute package other than we teach other techniques that spies need to know. We give the kids a 10 minute break in between to eat, drink and have a chat with their friends. After this we play spy themed party games and action dances all the way to the end of your party. By the end of your party all the kids will get together and sing happy birthday! Following this we give the kids a 10 minute break for a drink and to chat to each other and then after this we play themed party games and action dances till the end of the party. These are all high energy and themed to spies. At the very end we get everyone to sing happy birthday.

Ready To Be The Best Spy Ever?

Thanks for tuning into today's blog. Our Virtual Spy School is very popular with a lot of kids who are big into spy films, shows and characters. It's an amazing package that makes your children's birthday party very special and teaches them exciting techniques to keep forever. From the day of your booking all the way to the date of the party, the whole experience is hassle free. Sit back, enjoy the show and let your entertainer do the rest. We are more than happy to talk you through everything you need to know about virtual parties. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or send in a contact form for a no obligation consultation. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

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