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We Don't Charge More Money Per Child | Children's Entertainment With NSK

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Something we get asked more often than not is how will the number of children attending your kid's party affect your party booking with us? There are a lot of entertainment companies out there who charge their services based on the number of children attending. Not us! Regardless of how many children you have attending, Non-Stop Kids won't alter the price.

No Increased Costs Per Child | Children's Entertainment by NSK

All of our prices are fixed, no matter how many kids you have attending. We encourage more children to join. The more the merrier. Our entertainers regularly work at Drayton Manor, performing for hundreds of children at a single time. We're no strangers to performing for a large crowd. Now that social restrictions have concluded within the UK and Wales, there are no more concerns regarding how many people you can have attending.

And that's it. Don't stress about limiting the number of kids for your children's entertainment because we don't change our prices. Our role is to deliver a Hassle Free Experience while you sit back and relax. If you haven't already spoken to us, send us a message using the banner below or call our central office directly on 0333 301 302. Thanks for reading. We look forward to your call.


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