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What To Do If Your Venue Cancels? | Children's Entertainment With NSK

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Now that the country is finally getting back to a sense of normality, we're speaking to parents who are booking our entertainment services inside of a venue or village hall they've hired for their kid's party. As you may know from experience, we've performed inside thousands of indoor venues across the years. We will liaison with your venue as well to make sure everyone goes smoothly as well.

What to Do in the Event of Venue Cancellation? | Children's Entertainment with NSK

One of the most common questions we are getting asked nowadays is what to do if your venue cancels while you have entertainment booked? Understandably so, everyone is concerned with venues after the pandemic. Non-essential businesses were forced to close down for a long time. While there are no plans for anymore lockdown restrictions, it never hurts to be too cautious and want to have contingency plans.

The good news is if your venue has to cancel your booking for whatever reason, this won't affect your children's entertainment plans with us. If you are forced to change the location of your child's party, all you need to do is call our central office and let us know of the changes. This way we can update your booking with us to make sure your entertainer reaches the correct location on the day of your party. We won't charge you any additional payment for this, even if you have to reschedule the date & time. Just let us know of your venue change and we will happily arrange that for you.

We're Here To Help!

Don't stress too much about your venue cancelling your booking. We will still be here to provide your children's entertainment needs. If you need to update any of your booking details or are looking to book your first party with us, get in touch with our head office now. Use the banner below to visit our website and send in an enquiry form. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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