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Why Parents Are Still Booking Virtual Parties | Kid's Party Entertainment

Thanks to the reopening of venues and village halls, children's birthday parties can now be booked indoors again under some new rules & guidelines. This is great news for parents wanting to book live party entertainment for your children's birthday party and things were finally beginning to return to normal.

Why Parents Are Still Booking Virtual Parties | Kid's Party Entertainment

We introduced our Virtual Party Package at the beginning of March to make sure kids didn't have to miss their birthday party. But even though we now have our Garden Party Package and are available to perform inside venues, we are still taking bookings for virtual parties. You might be wondering why is that the case when live parties are now available again? An excellent question that will be answered in today's blog!

Less Hassle For Everyone!

The biggest reason parents opt for a virtual party is because they are far less hassle for everyone. At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment, our goal is to make your child's birthday experience amazing and rememberable while you have a hassle free experience. From years of experience we can tell you that even if you planned your kid's party perfectly, chances are you will still end up serving drinks for other parents and cleaning up the mess afterwards.

Additionally, normal parties requite quite a few planning steps to take into account. This includes where the party is going to take place, what time slot you want to decide on and how the parents are going to arrive. Thanks to a virtual party, everything is done online. Once everything has been set up you can simply tell the other parents the time of the party and send them the link on the day. This means there is no mess to clean up and you won't have to worry about accommodating to other parents. It's less hassle for everyone and you can sit back with a cuppa of tea. Everyone's a winner.

No Party Accessories!

When parents book live interaction they tend to go all out and decorate their venue with lots of party accessories. This includes balloons to hang across the walls, RSVP invitations to send out and food & drink for all the guests. Part of the reason parents go for a virtual party is because they won't need the additional party accessories. You will have eat birthday cake for your child and decorate your own home to brighten up their day but that's as far as it goes. All of the guests are participating from the comfort of each of their homes and won't need hand-written invitations or a buffet. The virtual party is easily set up and all you need to send is the link to the party for your child's friends.

Saving Costs!

It goes without saying that virtual parties and a lot cheaper than a normal party. Because parents won't have to worry about all the other additional costs, you can have quite a bit of money. You may have read one of our previous blogs that talks about how to run parties on a limited budget because we know there are a lot of parents who want to spend as little as possible. Thanks to saving money on your kid's party you can use this for a more positive concept. For example, your child might have their sights set on this toy that you wanted to buy in the past but didn't have any spare money to do so. Now's your chance!

Virtual Parties Are Still Amazing!

We couldn't be happier to be performing inside venues again but make no quick judgement when it comes to virtual parties. They are just as interactive as a live show and we are still taking bookings for our Virtual Party Package. If our customers have booked one party package but want to switch to another before the party, that's not a problem! We can switch your garden party to a virtual one and vice versa.

Non-Stop Kids Virtual Party Packages have been a massive success since its introduction. If you would like to talk to us about booking a Virtual Party, visit our website through the banner below! You can submit a no obligation form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Or give us a call at 0333 301 3002! We look forward to speaking with you!

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