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Amazing New Virtual Party Packages | Kids Party Ideas

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Non-Stop Kids are super excited to announce our new party packages. Ever since lockdown first started back in March 2020, we became the experts in delivering virtual entertainment for your children's birthday party. We didn't want your children to miss their birthday party and introduced this amazing concept as the next best thing!

Innovative Virtual Party Packages That Amaze | Creative Kids Party Concepts

Even after venues have reopened, we still book dozens of virtual parties every single week. To prepare for the upcoming holidays we have even introduced our Virtual Halloween & Virtual Christmas Packages. We are super excited to introduce our new party packages for your children's party. We have magic workshops, tiny tots parties and much more!

Magic Workshop!

This amazing party package is perfectly for older kids. We speak to a lot of parents who aren't sure what the best way is to entertain older children between 7 and 12. That's why we introduced our Virtual Magic Workshop Package. Part of all our shows is our entertainers perform an award winning magic show that the kids absolutely love. When kids get to a certain age they don't just want to watch the magic show anymore but want to learn how it works as well, and that's exactly what they get with this package.

As we kick off the party with our award winning magic show, we perform amazing tricks that you would see famous magicians such as Dynamo or David Blaine perform on TV. Our entertainers combine sleight of hand with amazing close up magic tricks that are guaranteed to wow any audience, no matter the age. We will teach the kids magic tricks they can easily learn for themselves. The tricks that will learn are easily done with everyday objects you can find around the house (e.g. rubber bands, paper cups, paperclips, etc.) By the end of your party the children will have learned many magic tricks they can teach and perform for years to come!

Tiny Tots!

Likewise, we also have an amazing party package for younger kids as well. We have very experienced at performing for younger children aged 1 to 5 years. We have performed for primary schools, nurseries and many more. This exciting package has been developed specifically for younger children. All of our party games and shows are specifically designed to stimulate and entertain even the youngest of children, keeping their attention throughout the duration of your party.

We combine our comedy and magic with storytelling to create a more interactive experience for all of the children. We also have our secret weapon: Charlie the Dog! Charlie is absolutely adored by younger children. He's super cute but also really naughty. His role is to mess around with the entertainer's tricks and act super cheeky. Everything with our Virtual Tiny Tots Party is designed to work well for younger children. If you have ever watched the redcoats perform at Butlins, it's like watching one of their performances but from the comfort of your own home.

Unicorn Experts!

Would your birthday child love to learn how to become a unicorn expert? In this amazing party package, your child and their friends will learn everything they need to know about becoming a unicorn expert themselves. They will learn how to spot, catch and even care for a unicorn. We kick off this ground-breaking package with our award winning magic show. All the tricks and routines you will see are designed to be unicorn themed with the kids learning how to use magic to catch a unicorn. At the end of our party, all of the kids will have learned how to catch a unicorn and become official unicorn experts!

Greatest Showman!

If you have children who are obsessed with The Greater Showman then this is the perfect party package for you. Our Virtual Showman Package has been designed to bring the circus right into your living room, hosted by your very own ring announcer. We host our circus themed magic show that combines comedy, magic and slapstick into one amazing circus spectacular. All of the games we play are played to Showman music and there are no elimination games. All of the kids are involved while your ring announcer provides non-stop interaction.


Our Virtual Dinosaur Party is hosted by your very own dinosaur hunter and is unlike anything you have seen before. This is the perfect party package for anyone that loves dinosaurs. Throughout the duration of your party, your dinosaur hunter will teach the kids how to find and catch dinosaurs, all the while we provide non-stop interaction. We kick off the show with a dinosaur themed magic show, comedy and slapstick humour before we play high energy party games, action dances and dance competitions. Everything is themed to dinosaurs. Out of all the virtual parties, the Dinosaur Party Package is easily one of our most popular options.

Virtual Parties Are Super Popular!

The awesome thing about any of our virtual packages is everything takes place online. You don't need to worry about finding the venue, preparing the food, tidying up the mess afterwards and much more. You simply invite the guests to the party and leave everything else to us. All of our virtual packages are amazing and it isn't like looking at a static screen. Everyone can see and interact with each other. We have performed thousands of virtual parties and speak to many parents every single day who have enquired about a virtual party. Our head office is more than happy to talk to you about providing a virtual party. Simple send us a contact form for a no obligation consultation or call us on 0333 301 3002!

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