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Virtual Magic Workshop Party

Suitable for ages: ALL ages

Party length: 30, 45, 60 OR 90 Minutes

Number of children: 100 Max

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If you have an older child and are struggling for birthday party ideas Non Stop Kids Entertainment have the perfect solution. We are proud to present one of our most popular packages - the virtual magic workshop.

A lot of the activities that appeal to younger children don’t work with all the children. Most entertainers don’t perform for older children however Non Stop Kids Entertainment specialise in parties for older children. 

The Magic workshop is brilliant for seven years and over. When you get to a certain age you don’t just want to watch magic but you want to learn how it works. And that’s exactly what happens with our virtual magic workshops.

First of all, as with all our virtual party packages we do everything for you. We set up the virtual party room, run and host a party from beginning to end so that all you need to do is let us know the date and time and invite the guests. The show is very interactive and in fact several of the tricks that we perform have been designed specifically to work in a virtual environment. 

The package starts with an award-winning magic show. This is not a kids show; it’s the sort of thing you would see Dynamo or David Blaine perform on television. We combine slight of hand with hard-hitting close-up magic tricks which are guaranteed to blow away any audience, no matter what the age.

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After the magic show we get really interactive when we start teaching simple magic tricks that the children can learn easily. These tricks use every day objects that you could find around the house. Items like rubber bands, paper cups, paperclips etc. We will even send you a list of what the children will need before the party so that they can have them to hand.

The children watch the magician perform tricks one by one and they learn how to perform them by following along. The goal is to teach the children as many magic tricks as we can depending on the party length that you’ve booked.

We promise that after this party is finished your child and their friends will be showing each other magic tricks for weeks to come.

Because this package is so popular availability is very limited. So contact us today for an availability check and for a no obligation consultation. 


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