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Want a Children's Disney Princess Party?

We get it! You have a Disney obsessed child who would like nothing more than to have a Disney Princess Party. They talk about it 24/7. After hours of research and reading a lot of reviews, you contact the biggest and best children’s entertainers in the UK - Non Stop Kids Entertainment (that’s us by the way!)

You ring up and tell us that you really need a Disney Princess. Your child’s heart is set on having a Disney Princess and their party won’t be complete without one. We then tell you that we cannot supply anything Disney copyrighted. Immediately, your world falls apart. What are you going to do from here?

In this blog, we are going to briefly explain why we don’t supply Disney Copyrighted mascots and what you can do instead to make sure that your child gets the party that they want.

Why Don’t We Do Kids Disney Princesses Parties?

Simply put: we have no copyright permission to supply any Disney Characters. No company in the UK has the rights to do this and if they say they have, they are without a doubt lying. Unless they spend millions of pounds on licensing papers, Disney will not allow anyone the rights to their characters. Basically if a company supplies a Disney Princess in the UK, they are breaking the law and that's never good. We actually wrote a blog about this subject recently that explained why Non Stop Kids Entertainment don’t do Disney parties.

How To Have a Disney Princess Party with Non Stop Kids Entertainment.

So, you want us to host your party for you but you want is Disney themed. How are you going to pull this off? Well, there are a few different options which we are going to go through for you now.

Book Our Princess Party!

We actually have a Princess package designed specifically for Princess obsessed children. There is an interactive story time, a Princess Academy, Princess Party Games and even some magic. The Princess is our own creation - Princess Jessica. Although she isn’t a Disney Princess, she does talk about all her other Princess friends throughout the party who the children might recognise. Also, the music and the games are all themed to Disney. Therefore, while the Princess hosted the party isn’t a Disney Princess, it’s still a magical package that no Disney loving child would be disappointed with.

Book our Hassle Free Package with a Disney Twist!

The Hassle Free Party Is our most popular package. There’s a disco, a magic show, party games and action dances and lots of balloon modelling. If your child loves Disney we can theme to party to a Disney theme. We can theme the music, the games and even the presentation of the magic show. You get the same awesome Non Stop Kids Party Package but with a twist that makes it even more special for any children that love Disney.

You find a Disney Princess and we will include them in the party!

Although we don’t do Disney Princesses, it doesn’t mean other companies don’t do them. We can’t stop you from booking a Disney Princess from somewhere else. The problem is most of these Princesses don’t really do much other than say hello to the kids. We can incorporate them into the party, introduce them and involve them in the party games. Just don’t ask us where to book a Disney Princess from. We have no idea and we don’t want to know! But if there happens to be a Princess at the party, we will make sure there is something for them to do.

Get a Friend to Help!

If you have a friend who would look good as a Princess, one other idea would be to have your friend dress us as a Princess. We can run the party and they can do a Princess appearance!

And there you have it, a few different ways of having a Disney Princess party! If you would like a no obligation consultation and quote, then click the banner below or call us on 0333 301 3002.

Thanks for reading.

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