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Want A Children's Disney Princess Party? | Children's Entertainment With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

We totally get it! You have a child who is absolutely obsessed with Disney and would love nothing more than to have a Disney Princess Party for their upcoming birthday. You decide to go ahead and secure the best children's entertainment (that's us) to provide a brilliant experience like no other. Now, you call us up and the first thing we tell you is we cannot supply anything Disney copyrighted.

Dreaming of a Children's Disney Princess Party? | Non-Stop Kids' Enchanting Entertainment

But don't let that crush your child's dreams because our childrens party entertainment has the next best thing available that's just as good. In today's blog we are going to explain why we don't supply Disney copyrighted mascots and what you can do instead to make sure your child gets to experience their dream party.

Why Don’t We Do Supply Disney Princess Parties?

The answer is simple: we don't have the copyright permission to do so. No entertainment business or similar company has the rights to supply Disney characters to a party. Anyone who claims they do is more than likely lying. Disney's license rights cost millions of pounds. Companies who are supplying Disney mascots are breaking the law, and that's never good. We once covered this subject in another blog.

How To Have a Disney Princess Party With Non-Stop Kids!

Now that matter is cleared up, the next step is trying to figure out how you want us to host your children's party and still make it Disney themed. Fortunately, we've got some great options to help you pull this off. Let's take a look at these amazing ideas and explore the right one for you.

Book Our Princess Party!

We have our very own Princess Party Package to anyone who is obsessed with princesses. Hosted by Princess Jessica, she takes the kids through a magical party as she includes everyone in an interactive story time about Princess Academy, along with party games, magic and music themed to princesses. While Princess Jessica isn't a Disney Princess, she does talk about all her other princess friends throughout the party who the children might recognise. This is still a magical package that no Disney loving child would be disappointed with.

Book our Hassle Free Package with a Disney Twist!

Our most popular package is our Hassle Free Party. This includes our award winning magic show, party games, action dances and much more. If our Princess Package isn't your ideal package, we can theme the music, games and even the presentation of the magic show to Disney. You get to experience the same awesome Non-Stop Kids parties but with a unique twist that makes your child's birthday even more special.

You Find A Disney Princess To Include!

While we can't do Disney Princess ourselves, that doesn't mean there are other companies that don't do them. Yes, we talked about how Disney has copyright laws on their brand, but if you can find a company that has purchased said rights and wants to supply them as well, by all means. We can't stop you from booking a Disney Princess from somewhere else, just don't ask us where to book a Disney princess from. We have no clue.

The problem with Princesses who aren't entertainers is they don't really do much other than greet the kids. But what we can do is incorporate them into your children's party, introduce them to everyone and even involve them in the party games we supply. Our goal is to provide an interactive experience for everyone and make sure they're included in the show. We'll make sure there is something for them to do.

Get A Friend To Help!

If you have a friend who you think would look good as a princess, go ahead and have them join the party. While we run the party, they can do a princess appearance. It's as easy as that. There's a few different ways of having a Disney Princess Party. Find the one that works best for you and get in touch when you're ready to secure your children's entertainment with us. If you would like a no obligation consultation and quote, send in an enquiry form below or call us on 0333 301 3002.


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