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Why Non Stop Kids Entertainment Doesn’t Supply Mascots Or Disney Characters

One of the questions we get asked again and again is if we can supply a Disney Character. Over the years, we have had requests for characters from every popular Disney TV Show and Film. We have also had requests to supply Marvel Superheroes licences by Disney.

Every time we receive a request like this, we have to explain that it’s something we cannot provide. The subject of this blog is about why we don’t supply licensed characters and more importantly why you shouldn’t have them at your child’s party.

The reason we don’t supply licensed characters is simple - we aren’t allowed. It is illegal to use any characters owned by Disney (or any other company) without a licence. It’s against IP Law. In other words, characters like Elsa and Anna are Disney’s Intellectual Property. Their likeness, apperance, basically everything is owned by Disney. The only way we could use Elsa in our parties is if we paid to have a licence to use her.

How Come So Many Companies Offer Disney Characters Appearances?

Good question! The only way a company can legally use a Disney character is to pay Disney a licensing fee. The problem, however, is the cost. This can range from millions of pounds and from a business marketing point of view is unrealistic for pretty much all party suppliers.

Therefore, any companies offering mascots and Disney characters are doing so illegally. Did you ever wonder why certain companies offer an Elsa character but refer to her as a Snow Princess? It’s their way of getting around IP Law. Unfortunately, IP Law covers a lot more than the name. It covers everything: name, appearance, colour, you name it. Which means other companies are still breaking the law, but are trying to be sneaky about it.

Are Disney Being Unfair For This?

That’s one view point. However, you have to look at this from Disney's perspective. They spend billions of pounds every year on their brand and image. It’s important to them that their characters reflect their family image and nothing that represents a darker theme. If other companies are using their IP, they have no control over how these characters are being portrayed. If they are being portrayed negatively, it’s reflects badly on Disney.

The perfect example is an entertainment company based in London that offered Frozen parties. They made the press when their Elsa turned up hungover and looking terrible. This is exactly the sort of thing that Disney don’t want to have happen. They want to control the experience that children have when seeing their characters.

Why Does It Matter?

Disney are huge! They own so many company assests now, from Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar and that's just to name a few. They also have very deep pockets and are currently cracking down on companies in the UK that offer unlicensed Disney and Marvel characters. We know of several mascot companies that have shut down because of Disney coming after them for not purchasing licensing rights. Any company that even thinks about offering unlicensed characters won’t have a leg to stand on if Disney decided to send them a legal letter. They would immediately have to stop offering these characters and depending on how Disney feel, the company would be liable to pay Disney a percentage of the income from using these characters. If they received a legal letter, there is no doubt they would be out of business literally overnight.

Hypothetical speaking, let's say you have booked one of these companies to perform at your child’s party and you have booked an appearance by Captain America and Spiderman. What would you do if you had an email saying the company couldn’t fulfil its commitments because of a letter they received from Disney? It would cause quite a lot of stress to say the least.

There are probably people reading this blog that think this wouldn’t happen and this is just an exaggeration. However, more and more of these mascot companies are being forced out of business because Disney came after them with a big lawsuit.

Non Stop Kids Entertainment is a big business. We perform at thousands of events a year and hold contracts with several large theme parks and companies. We are very visible and must be squeaky clean. We cannot infringe on any companies IP - it just wouldn’t be worth it. It’s the reason we cannot ever supply a character or mascot that infringes on anyone’s IP. This isn't just limited to Disney, but to other companies that have iconic mascots.

What Are Your Options?

Let’s assume you accept that booking a Disney mascot is not a great idea. What are your party options for a Disney loving child? What can you do to make their birthday special? We have several themed packages which don’t infringe on anyone’s IP but will absolutely satisfy your child’s obsession!

Does your child love Peter Pan or Captain Jake? Book our Pirate Package starring Captain Sparerib. Does your child love Marvel and Superhero’s? Book our Superhero Package, starring our very own Superhero, Captain Magic.

Does your child love Star Wars? Our Alien Invasion Party will do just the trick! Does your child love Jurassic Party or The Last Dinosaur? Our Dinosaur Party Package gives the same exciting feeling. And lastly, does your child love Disney Princesses? Book our Princess Party starring Princess Jessica.

Even if we don’t have a package that fits, we can adapt our Hassle Free Package to fit that theme. We can adapt the music, the games and even the presentation of the show to fit the theme. For example, if your child likes Paw Patrol (and who doesn’t!) we could do tricks that relate to Paw Patrol. Another example, instead of making a handkerchief disappear we could take a blue handkerchief and say it represents Chase and just like Chase, it will disappear and appear on the other side of the room so fast you won’t see it go. You get the idea.

To conclude, whatever the theme is, you have we can adapt our packages to fit that theme. And with Non Stop Kids Entertainment, you can be safe in the knowledge that we aren’t infringing on anyone’s IP and whatever happens we will never let you down. Thanks for reading, if you are interested in booking a party with us, give us a call or fill an enquiry form on our website via the banner below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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