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Why Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Doesn’t Supply Mascots Or Disney Characters

Updated: Feb 23

We frequently get asked over and over again about supplying a Disney mascot character for a children's birthday party. We've received requests for popular Disney movies, TV shows and many more. This also includes Disney's other properties such as Marvel Superheroes, Lucasfilm and much more.

Why Non-Stop Kids Entertainment Doesn’t Supply Mascots Or Disney Characters | Children's Entertainment

Every time our kids party entertainer receive a request like this, we have to explain to the parents that it's not something we are allowed to supply. The fact of the matter is we're not allowed to supply licensed characters. This applies to every entertainment company out there. It is illegal to use any characters owned by Disney (or any other company for that matter) without the purchased licence rights. It's against IP Law. Characters like Elsa and Anna are owned by Disney. It's their intellectual Property which they have full right over.

How Come So Many Companies Offer Disney Characters Appearances?

You've probably seen other company's using mascots before and might be thinking, "How are they allowed to do that?" That's a good question. Companies who have paid Disney a licensing fee are allowed to use Disney characters. The one thing standing in their way is the cost. Disney is a large company who has been operating for a long time. Licensing rights can cost thousands at the least. From a business marketing point of view, that's pretty unrealistic.

If there are companies who are out there are supplying Disney mascots as a service, chances are they are doing so illegally. Have you ever noticed a company offering an Elsa character but only referring to her as a Snow Princess? It's their attempt to get around the IP Law. Unfortunately, IP Laws cover a lot more than just the name. Appearance, colour and much more are covered.

Is Disney Being Unfair For This?

That's one way to look at it, but you have to take Disney's perspective into consideration. They spend billions every year on their brand and image. They want their characters to reflect their family image in a positive and child friendly manner. If other children's entertainment businesses out there were using their property in a negative fashion, it reflects badly on Disney. Have you ever heard about when a drunken Elsa turned up at a kid's party? Sounds bizarre but it very much happened. That's the exact type of thing Disney doesn't want to happen.

Why Does It Matter?

Disney is a huge company with business assets under their name. Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar and many more. They have very deep pockets and are currently cracking down on companies within the UK that offer unlicensed Disney and Marvel characters. There are several mascot companies out there who have been forced to shut down because they don't want Disney filming a lawsuit against them for using their property without permission.

Any company that offers unlicensed characters wouldn't have a leg to stand on if Disney decided to send them a legal letter. Not only would they be forced to stop their operations, Disney may even force them to pay a fee for using their characters in the first place. To give a hypothetical situation, let's say you booked a company who were supplying you with a Captain America mascot. Imagine you had an email the day before your party to inform you that the company couldn't fulfil its commitment because Disney had sent them a letter asking them to stop.

That in turn would lead to you stressing out and trying to find last minute entertainment. There are probably people reading this blog that think this wouldn’t happen and this is just an exaggeration. However, more and more of these mascot companies are being forced out of business because Disney came after them with a big lawsuit.

As you know, Non-Stop Kids Entertainment is the largest children's entertainment in the company. We've provided thousands of parties to kid's birthdays and other events across the country. We even hold several contracts with large holiday parks. We are way above the radar and must be squeaky clean and cannot infringe on any other companies' copyrights. Any attempt for us to supply copyrighted mascots would lead to a lawsuit.

What Are Your Options?

Now that you understand why booking a Disney mascot isn't in anyone's best interest, you might be wondering what are your party options for a Disney loving child? The great news is we have several themed packages we have designed ourselves that don't infringe on anyone's IP. They are super fun and will absolutely satisfy your child's obsession.

If your child is a huge fan of Peter Pan or Captain Jack Sparrow, our Pirate Party Package is perfect for them. The children are accompanied by Captain Spare Rib, who takes them through an adventure across the Seven Seas. Or if your child is obsessed with superheroes, we have our very own Superhero Birthday Party hosted by Captain Magic. For all the Star Wars fans out there, our Alien Invasion Party is more than satisfying. How would your children like to go hunting for dinosaurs with a real life Jurassic Expert? Our Dinosaur Party Entertainer has got you covered!

You get the idea. We have dozens of packages available for your children's entertainment. Even if we don't have a package that fits, we can easily adapt our Hassle Free Package to fit their desired theme. We'll adapt the music, the games and even the presentation of the show to fit the theme. No matter what theme your child wants, Non-Stop Kids are here to help. You'll have the comfort to know we don't infringe on anyone's IP and we will never let you do.

Thank you for reading today's blog. We hope you found it useful. If you are interested in booking a party with us, give us a call or fill an enquiry form on our website via the banner below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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