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Alien Invasion Themed Party

Suitable for ages: 6 to 12
Party length: 2 hours
Number of children: 10+
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Hosted by your very own Intergalactic Referee

Totally Original Concept

Two Hours of Alien Themed Team Games

Aliens Vs. Defenders of The Earth

Disco Lights and Music

‘Alien Invasion’ Certificates for Every Child

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Balloon models for every child to take home

A Totally Unique Concept

There are two things that all children love - aliens and playing games. In our latest package we have combined aliens and team games into one unique package.

When all the children have arrived they are divided into two teams - Aliens and Defenders of the Earth.  Your entertainer takes on the role of an Intergalactic Referee who will run and host the games and make sure everyone plays fair. Over the course of two hours the kids will compete against each other in a series of high energy space themed party games and action dances. At the end of the party the referee announces whether the Aliens have conquered Earth or if they have been defeated by The Defenders of the Earth!

All the games the children play are high energy, interactive and fun.  There are no elimination games played - all the kids are involved all the way through. The best way to describe the games is like when you are watching the Red Coat’s at Butlins. The only difference is that all the games that are played are themed to space and aliens.

Although The Alien Invasion Party works for all ages of kids it is perfect for older children aged 7 to 11 years. In fact when you book we will adapt the package to the age of the children present.




Every child leaves with a balloon model to take away with them and the birthday child will get a special balloon. We will also send you specially designed Alien Invasion Certificates that you can print out and give to all the kids at the end of the party.  We supply you with several certificates so that no matter what the outcome of the party you can give the kids the perfect certificate!

Aliens Vs Defenders of the Earth

High Energy & Interactive Kids Party Games

Perfect Party For Older Children

Certificates and Balloon Models

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