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Christmas Disco Party

With Our Fun Filled Disco Entertainers

Suitable for ages: 4-12

Party length: 2 hours

Number of children: 10+

Disco Lights

Music System

Prizes & Sweets

High Energy Disco Games

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Christmas Children's Entertainment

Get ready to jingle and mingle with our festive Christmas Disco Package! Our professional children's entertainers are here to sprinkle some holiday magic and create an unforgettable party experience for your child and their friends. With a party length of 2 hours and suitable for groups of 10 or more children, our Christmas disco guarantees non-stop festive fun and excitement.

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Step into a festive wonderland as soon as the children walk through the door. Our Christmas disco features dazzling holiday lights and a merry PA system that will have everyone dancing to their favourite Christmas tunes. All our equipment is top-notch, ensuring the best sound quality for your little ones' enjoyment. We curate our playlist with age-appropriate Christmas songs, ensuring a holly jolly time for all. Have any special song requests or preferences? We're happy to add them to our Christmas disco party playlist to make it even more magical.


But the fun doesn't stop there! We bring the holiday cheer with high-energy Christmas party games. Our Christmas disco party isn’t just about dancing; it includes a variety of festive games and competitions designed to keep the children merry and bright throughout. What sets our Christmas discos apart is that we ensure every child can participate and have a blast with our non-elimination games. Plus, we provide all the festive prizes and treats, spreading joy to all who join in the fun.

From merry dance-offs to joyful Christmas party games, your child and their friends will create heartwarming memories that will make this holiday season extra special.

With our Christmas Disco Package, we'll take care of everything from start to finish, so you can relax and enjoy the festivities or join in on the fun yourself!

If you're dreaming of a Christmas celebration your loved ones will cherish forever, call today for a quote and let us bring the magic of the season to your doorstep.

Festive Disco Wonderland:

Christmas Party Games & Competitions:

Ultimate Christmas Disco Experience:

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