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Are You Making Your Child’s Birthday Special?

There are stacks of options when it comes to organising your child’s party. You can have a Non Stop Kids Entertainment style party where you book a hall and have an entertainer come and perform. You can take a small group of kids out to somewhere like a theme park or the cinema. You can organise a child’s party in somewhere like a play barn or a bowling alley. You could even do nothing and plan something as a family. There's so many options, but the important thing to remember is the end goal and that's to make your child's birthday special!

How You Can Make A Child's Birthday Special?

The two most popular options are to book an entertainer or to go to a playbarn / soft play centre. Obviously we are biased but we think that booking Non Stop Kids Entertainment is the best possible option you could take. In fact, we even wrote a blog comparing Non Stop Kids Entertainment to a Play Barn.

We want to highlight the one big reason why Non Stop Kids Entertainment is better than a play barn and it’s based on an experience that happened to with our Director Craig during a weekend. Our founder and Director Craig once took his son Ryland to a friends' birthday party during the Saturday. It took place in a playbarn and everyone had a good time. On the following Sunday, Ryland and his friend were invited to another birthday party. This was actually hosted by Non Stop Kids Entertainment, although they were unaware at the time. Once again, Ryland and his friend had a great time.

After the party, Ryland's friend couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the party was. He kept hassling his mother about how he wanted a party like that for his next birthday. Craig spoke to his mother the next day at school and she said all the parents of the kids at the second party were raving about how amazing the party was. She couldn’t understand why the party she organised didn’t get the overexicted feedback the second party did.

We're happy to say that it was because of how amazing the performers at Non Stop Kids Entertainment are. And this might be the main explanation, however there is another reason. The party at the play barn simply wasn’t special.

Why Makes Non Stop Kids Special?

Good question! The average child between the age of 3 and 8 gets taken to a play barn twice in a week. It’s a easy thing that parents can do that helps gives them some down time. It’s also something that children enjoy doing and a great way to burn some energy. The problem is because kids go to play barns so regularly, when a party is organised in one, it’s not special, just another average day.

No matter how fun a play barn party is, the kids are never going to rave about how amazing it was. They will never bug their parents constantly asking if they can have the same party. The reason is they know they will be back at the very same play barn within a week.

Now compare that to a party hosted by an entertainer. How many times has your child watched a live show? They have probably watched Justin’s House on TV over and over again and wished they were in the audience. Now all of a sudden they are sitting inches from a real life entertainer. They are getting to interact with a show that’s funny, magical and makes them laugh. As long as the entertainer is good, it makes sense they would want to see something similar again, perhaps even want the same experience for their party.


The key thing is that going to a Non Stop Kids Entertainment party is a experience most children don’t get every day. Going to a play barn party is something those most children have experienced many times in the past. If you want your child’s party to be special, if you want everyone talking about it, the you need to do something different.

If you would like to speak to us about hosting your child’s party, we can visit our website by selecting the banner below and we'll happily get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Alternatively, give us a call on 0333 301 3002.

Thanks for reading.

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