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Book With Confidence! | Non-Stop Kids Entertainment - Vlog

And there you have it, folks. Book. With. Confidence! As of the beginning of September the lockdown rules have tightened and may be effecting a lot of people's birthday parties. We don't know how long these rules are going to last but one thing we do know is what NSK are taking more bookings than ever before! Parents want to make sure they have entertainment just in case of unpredictable. If you are booking a party for somewhere in the next few months, there might be a chance these new rules are removed and larger gatherings have returned.

We want you to understand that you can book with confidence with Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. If you book a future date in November, for example, and the worst comes to worst where you can't have a live party because of the rules, you will be able to amend that booking with no penalty. We can turn your booking into a Virtual Party, an amazing party package that is performed virtually. Or you can reschedule your party to a future date. You don't even need to pick the future date specifically, you can just delay and we will keep your booking until you are ready! Your third option is to cancel and get your booking fee back without an issue.

If you don't book early you may be disappointed. We take bookings for securing parties all the way to this upcoming February. Never leave your party planning until the final minute. Book now and we can help you all the way with 100% confidence. Call us at 0333 301 3002 or fill in a no obligation quote. We will speak to you soon!

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