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Booking A Venue For Your Childrens Party Entertainment

Updated: Aug 3, 2023


In todays vlog Craig talks about booking venues for your children's party. With lockdown easing and different types of methods & safety guidelines now taking place it can be confusing to know whats what with public spaces.

Below we have attached a video. In this video Craig talks about a few factors to take in when booking a venue.

Craig mentions that now lockdown has began to ease Non-Stop Kids Entertainment have started to do "REAL LIFE PARTIES" again! In other words, Garden Parties! But now restrictions are easing even more so that we can now perform live parties at a venue which means your local public village hall may be available to book! But wait right there... there are a few things you should consider before booking.

First of all, the company that you book for your children's entertainment must be COVID SECURE. COVID Secure means that the company that you hire have taken major steps and risk assessment safety guidelines to ensure that there is no risk of coronavirus spreading during parties & it is their duty to make sure everyone who is attending is kept safe and secure.

Non-Stop Kids for example have re designed there show to make sure that it is Covid-19 friendly while still maintaining the interaction with the children.


If you want to have your party inside a venue it is important to see if they are comfortable with having a party at their venue. Although the government have said parties can be run inside there are venues like village halls & community centres that are still weary about letting parties run in there facility. The reason why is because a lot of these establishments are run by volunteers they are less inclined to want to open to the public.

So how can you get a venue for your children's party? First of all you may need to "shop around" and look for a few venues to contact. You could also think outside of the box for venues that you wouldn't normally look at like business rooms where meetings take place or where networking events attend.

But! If you do want a village hall or a community centre then you need to explain to that venue that your party is going to be covid secure! One thing Non-Stop Kids Entertainment have done is write a list of the actions and steps we have taken to make sure our parties are COVID secure. We can send you these risk assessments as a PDF that you can handover to the owner of the halls for peace of mind!

If you want these documents just give us a call! Click the banner below to go to our contact us page.

Times are weird at the moment but normality is slowly coming back! We hope you are all staying safe and we wish you the best party ever no matter who that be with!

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