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What To Look For In A Children's Entertainer? | Children's Entertainment With Non-Stop Kids

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

When it comes to providing an amazing experience for your children's birthday party, you want to find the best children's entertainment out there. Someone who will take care of all the entertainment and leave fantastic memories for your child to reflect on for years to come. Best of all is not having to stress over any of the hassle that's included with planning a party.

Key Qualities to Seek in a Children's Entertainer | Children's Entertainment by Non-Stop Kids

Of course we are going to be biased and say you should hire a Non-Stop Kids entertainer. As the largest children's entertainment, all of our entertainers are nothing short of exceptional. We have provided over 8,000 live parties to kid's parties across the UK and perform regularly for theme parks like Alton Towers and Drayton Manor. That's why we wanted to take this time to share what characteristics you should look for in a children's entertainer.

Confident & Determined!

Your entertainer is someone who will shine throughout the performance and get through the experience like a walk in the park. Confidence is the key to achieving any goal in life. A confidence & determined entertainer who's ready to make your kid's birthday party amazing and give them an experience they will never forget. A determined entertainer gives off that aura of confidence that will put you at ease, knowing you will have nothing to worry about anymore.


Positivity is important when it comes to any job. A positive entertainer will keep the party spirit going and remove any negative reinforcement that may follow. When the entertainer is in high spirits, this in turn will have all of the kids joining and having a fantastic experience. Positive attitude really does bounce off everyone and is crucial to the atmosphere of your party. The last thing you want is someone coming in and dampening the mood with any negative energy.

Calm Yet Energetic!

An entertainer will be very energetic to keep the children on their feet and dancing around, all the while our kids party entertainment provides non-stop interaction with everyone. It's no secret that children have a lower attention span compared to adults and can lose interest very quickly if something doesn't entertain them. Keeping the energy high all the time will make sure the children are part of the fun and having a great time with all of their friends.

Likewise, it's important for an entertainer to also stay calm. There's going to be lots of things going on at once. An entertainer who can handle the party smoothly while still smiling and remaining positive can easily hold the attention of all the children and know how to bounce back if anything can go wrong.

Charismatic & Quirky!

You might be expecting your entertainer to be 100% professional and serious, but having that little bit of weirdness to them can really help you along. It has a surprisingly good effect on people and helps entice all of the children to become more comfortable in their presence as well. If your entertainer is instantly likeable by everyone in attendance, then you have nothing to worry about for the rest of the party.

The Best Children's Entertainers!

Keep an eye out for these charismatics and your child will have a brilliant day to remember forever. Non-Stop Kids entertainers are very passionate about performing for children and always give 110% at all of our parties. Get in touch and we'll be more than happy to provide one of our amazing entertainers for you. Send us an enquiry form or call us on 0333 301 3002. Thanks for reading and we'll speak to you soon!

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