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Children’s Entertainer Tips - Kids Entertainer Top Tips

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

All of our clients love learning more about our NSK entertainers and their history in entertaining children. It's also a fantastic opportunity for you, the parents, to learn more about your favourite entertainers.

Tips from Children's Entertainers - Top Advice for Kids' Entertainers

Thanks to their years of experience, they have amazing advice to give for children's parties that they would love to share with you. In today's blog we go over these top tips for children's entertainment.

Learning Magic Builds Character!

It's no secret than children are naturally clumsy at a young age. They may drop things, struggle in communication. Fortunately, teaching them how to do magic is n amazing way to build their character. Magic is a great way to enhance their communication, build up their creativity and also builds their dexterity, teaching them how to think on their feet and bouncing back from potential errors!

In our interview with Kieran, he's worked with magic for years and has amazing advice for teaching magic to kids. “Learning magic is a fantastic thing. It teaches kids social skills, confidence and goes so far in breaking the ice. Having a magic trick to show people really does help. Magic has helped children boost their low self-esteem. If you got an end goal and want a fun way to reach it, pick one or two tricks you like and build up from there!

Less Is More!

We get it. You want to throw the perfect birthday party for your children and we admire all parents willing to go that extra mile. However, you want to make sure that you don't go overboard with your party and feel obligated to hire every party accessory available. If you put too much into a party the kids will get overwhelmed and don't know what to go for first. Furthermore, if you are hiring an entertainer and book too much then the kids will easily get distracted from their entertainment.

Remember that less quantity can equal more quality. In our interview with Jon, he tells us to remember the golden rule of parties. “Keep it simple, follow the rule of less is more. Trust your entertainer. Focus on the food & drinks and nothing more. Soft play, face painting and bouncy castles is too much."

How You Want The Kids To Feel!

At Non-Stop Kids Entertainment we performed over 8,000 parties last year with nothing more then positive feedback. Our goal is to deliver a rememberable and fantastic experience for your child's birthday. One of the reasons we're the number 1 children's entertainment company is because we understand what type of atmosphere we want to create. If you plan to do a party for your children, keep the end goal in mind for your party.

Our entertainer Marc has had over 30 years of entertainer experience and he has amazing advice for parents. “I always work backwards at a party because I want to know how the people will feel at the end. What do you want to achieve? A family day, team building, create a family atmosphere. How I want children to feel when they go home.”

As well as the atmosphere, you will want to consider how the kids feel. Older kids won't appreciate a show that's for younger audience and vice versa. You don't want to make anyone feel condescending and Marc has some brilliant advice for that. Don't just make the party for kids to enjoy. Make it for everyone, including the adults. “I don’t do children’s magic. I do magic for children.

Tiny Tots Parties!

Having a party for younger kids is more different than you might think. Their attention span is far less while they are more intrigued into visual aids. 2-4 year olds are a different range of entertainment then older kids but that doesn't mean it's impossible. You just need to know how to grab their attention and our childrens party entertainer has the perfect opportunity for that.

Emily has entertained for younger kids hundreds of times and has the perfect advice for teaching younger kids.“Get down to their level, be part of them. Keep the pacing going, don’t go on for too long. Get enough contingency material if you feel like you’re losing the crowd. Visual aids like puppets, scarfs and musical instruments to keep it visually interested. The key thing is energy everywhere. Treat the party like this is the most important place you wanna be in the world. If the kids believe you are having the best time and you never want to leave, they want to be with you and join in.


Thanks for reading today's blog. We trust you found all of these entertainer tips useful for planning a party of your own. If you loved our interviews with our team, let's get them to your next party! Book a virtual party with Non-Stop Kids today. Visit our website through the banner below! You can submit a no obligation form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. Or if you're very keen then give us a call at 0333 301 3002! We look forward to hearing from you!

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